7 Inspiring Things The Average American Has Accomplished By Age 35

Inspiration | By Ian Anglin | June 11, 2018

As people's lives go on, there are certain milestones that are sort of expected to occur, and that a person would usually strive for. For example, children start the journey with the school phase, then there is high school, probably followed by college, and after that come a career. There is also the family aspect of it, as well as traveling goals. The age of 35 is a good time for a person to take a look back on their achievements.

Statistics Offer a More Clear View

If data for American citizens is taken into consideration, one could note how things are standing for the average 35-year old regarding several aspects of their lives. Society, for better or worse, sets up certain expectations for certain times of people's lives, and whether these expectations tend to be met or not, concerning the average person living in America, is a question that some data results could try to answer.

Back in June 2016, the United States Census Bureau provided a comparison between 30-Year-Olds in the year 1975 and people from the same age group in 2015 and how their achievements measured up in different categories. One stat showed that: "In 1975, nearly 3 in 4 30-year-olds had married, had a child, were not enrolled in school, and lived on their own. In 2015, just 1 in 3 30-year-olds have these characteristics."

30-Year-Olds: Then and Now

The United States Census Bureau also provided a more detailed comparison which showed that 99% of 30-year-olds in 1975 were not enrolled in school, 90% of them lived on their own, 89% had ever married, and 76% were living with a child. In addition, 80% at least had a high school diploma, 71% were in the labor force, 71% had a moderate income and 56% of them owned a home.

Regarding the 30-year-olds in 2015, the results were as follows - 92% were not enrolled in school, 70% of them lived on their own, 57% had ever married, and 47% were living with a child. Furthermore, 90% at least had a high school diploma, 81% were in the labor force, 55% had a moderate income and only 33% of them owned a home. In other words, more people have earned at least a high school diploma but fewer are earning a moderate income.

Women Get Married and Have Their First Child Earlier than Men

As far as other statistics are concerned, here is how the things go for the average American men and women: the usual age for getting married is 27 for women and 29 for men, and women also tend to have their first child by the age of 28. Both genders often own a home by the age of 35, and their average salary shows to be that of 49,400 dollars which translates to approximately 950 dollars a week.

Excluding home equity, the typical net worth that Americans have at the age of 35 is 14,226 dollars, however, this also leads to bigger debts, and the usual situation for a 35-year-old is to be in debt for up to 133,100 dollars. Regarding their careers, what's common is that a person has been through 11 jobs by their 35th birthday. This fact may offer some relief for those who may feel uneasy about going through the process of constantly changing jobs.



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