3 Sneaky Signs of Stress You Should Pay Attention To

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | June 5, 2018

Unfortunately, for many people stress is just a part of life. Whether people get stressed out during their work hours, or after work due to personal or family problems, the fact of the matter is that humans are not designed to be stressed out for hundreds of hours each month. This article is going to list the various different symptoms (such as being irritable) and side-effects that come from being stressed for a long-term period.

You Are Irritable

One of the first warning signs that you have accumulated a lot of stress in your day to day life, is that you have become super irritable - even to people that you love and care about. The problem with having a lot of stress in your life is that the stress eventually becomes too much for the body to handle, which is why you may have outbursts in public. For example, a friend may be 15 minutes late, and you may argue with them like there is no tomorrow.

The only way to decrease your level of irritability is to make a conscious effort to decrease the amount of stress you experience in your life. You could, for instance, take a more laid-back approach to your work, and perhaps even have a conversation with your boss and colleagues about the things that stress you out. You are never going to improve your life if you don't talk to the people that are stressing you out.

You Have Repeated Breakouts

Many people have noticed that during the times they are stressed out, they can have repeated breakouts of acne or other types of infections (like dry skin for example) on certain parts of their face and body. The reason why breakouts occur at the same time when you are stressed out is that the stress you are harboring is lowering the efficiency of your immune system. All types of acne and skin infections have their root cause in a low-functioning immune system.

In order to stop this pattern of breakouts, you need to actively work towards improving your work and personal life so that you don't feel as stressed out. It is normal for a person to feel stress during certain periods, but people are not designed to be stressed on a daily basis. A few hours in a single month is probably okay, but being anxious for 8 hours, every day is not a normal thing.

You Are Tired

This symptom has also been recognized by many people to be a potential sign of being under long-term stress. The problem with being tired is that there are dozens of different causes - from having a bad diet, to not exercising or being ill. That is why many people may be tired for months on end, and yet they may have no idea why they are feeling like that. Searching on the internet for "why am I tired," is going to yield thousands of results, yet almost none talk about stress as being one of the main causes.

Another interesting symptom of being stressed out is if you are feeling that almost everything can make you cry - from sad movies to saying goodbye to a friend. It is normal to feel sad during any such event, yet if you are feeling that you are more prone to crying than before, that could be a sign of stress.



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