Brainstorm Or Green Needle? How The Latest Audio Riddle Tricks Your Brain

Weird | By Ian Anglin | May 21, 2018

Just as the "Yanny or Laurel" audio recording was ending its time in the viral spotlight, a new, even better sensation has appeared on the internet. This time it not just a simple one-word audio recording, but rather a full video which shows a collectible toy saying either "green needle" or "brainstorm," depending on the person who is hearing the video. There is one small catch though - some people have reported that they can hear both phases, depending on what they focus on.

Yanny vs Laurel Have a New Rival

If you thought that the Yanny vs Laurel online debate was nearing its end, you'd be proven wrong by the latest viral audio recording. This time, instead of just a one-word sound recording, we have a short video of a robotic toy that says a different phase, depending on the person who is watching the video. In comparison to the now old Yanny or Laurel recording (which people could only hear one of the two words), this video can seemingly be heard both ways by anyone.

At first, people were confused as to how it was possible to hear both types of recordings. On the first listen, many people head "Green needle," while on the second listen they could hear the word "brainstorm." For the subsequent hearings, people could hear both phases just by thinking about them.

You'll Hear the Words You Were Thinking About

It appears that depending on how a person "primes" their brain, they can hear both "brainstorm" and "green needle." Many viewers of the viral video were absolutely shocked at this possibility, which is why a great online debate was sparked, with many users throwing around theories as to why this is possible. The viral video already has over 4 million views, with numbers growing by the hour.

"You can hear the words Green Needle or Brainstorm based on which one you think about," tweeted Mitchell Moffit. The video is actually quite old, it first appeared in a 2014 YouTube video by vlogger DosmRider, who is a reviewer of collectible toys. He was even contacted by the official Press Association so that he could better clarify as to what the toy was actually programmed to say.

This is What the Toy is Actually Saying

"The toy is supposed to say Brainstorm," he explained. The reason why the toy is supposed to say Brainstorm is because it is the character's name in the iconic Cartoon Network show Ben 10 Alien Force. The name has been used in all of the merchandise that has been related to the show. So, now at least we know what the toy is actually trying to say - and that is not "green needle."

"I was pretty surprised given that I usually don't see any toy reviews or anything like that getting this kind of attention - (it) just seems hilariously random to me." Everyone can understand the original uploader's shock at the attention his video has received. No one expects to upload a simple toy review video, and then get millions of views on social media websites.



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