These Are China's Scariest Outdoor Attractions

Entertainment | By Ian Anglin | May 1, 2018

Ever since architecture has been a thing, the world has tried to top the previous best and come up with something new and even more magnificent. Whether it's a building or a bridge, architects have presented the world with some awesome monuments throughout the years that have in turn become representative of a certain area, city or a country. When it comes to China and its contribution to the field, it definitely has some great attractions to offer.

Tianmen Mountain and The World's Longest Cableway

One of the places where China has its astonishing attractions is Tianmen Mountain which is located on the northwestern side of Hunan Province. This area offers the so-called "longest passenger cableway of high mountains in the world" that includes 98 cars which reach the altitude of 4, 196 ft (1,279 m) and an overall length of 24, 459 ft (7, 455 m).The cable car was built by a French company named Poma.

Other than that, Tianmen Mountain gives visitors the opportunity to walk on paths which are constructed onto the cliff face at the top and some parts have floors made of glass. These paths extend for kilometers on end and there is an 11 km road that leads to a cave that has a height of 431, 4 ft (131, 5 m). Back in August 2016, there was a new glass skywalk opened which is named the "Coiling Dragon Cliff".

The World's Longest Glass-Bridge in China's Hebei Province

Next in line is the unbelievable and also longest glass-bridge in the world which is located in China's Hebei province. Apparently, the bridge could hold up to 3, 000 people at one time but as of now it only allows 600. The bridge has floors made of glass and is 488 meters long. Of course, it's the incredible view of the surroundings that make it that much astonishing, especially considering the height of 218 meters above the ground.

The bridge was opened on December 24, 2017, and one of the features that make it more thrilling is the fact that it swings when people walk across it. The approximate weight of the bridge is measured at about 70 tons, and it consists of 1, 077 glass components. The bridge was constructed by the Hebei Bailu Group. The aforementioned incredible view includes a river, waterfalls, and mountains which should delight the visitors assuming the height doesn't bother them too much.

Shilinxia and The World's Biggest Glass Sightseeing Platform

Adding to the list of incredible constructions is the biggest glass sightseeing platform in the world which could be found in Shilinxia, Beijing. The place is officially known as "Shilinxia Scenic Area" and its main attraction is a platform made of glass that is an overhang at 32, 8 meters. The platform is hung from a peak that is 800 meters above sea level and it was finished constructing on April 31, 2016.

In comparison to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, the sightseeing platform in Shilinxia extends for 11 meters more. For a person to make their way up there, they could either take a 1, 5-hour hike or use a cable car. As far as building materials, what was used is titanium alloy that could hold approximately up to 2, 000 people at one time. Titanium alloy is also the substance used in airplanes and spacecraft.



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