Woman Spends $500k To Look Like A Kardashian, Now She Regrets It

Humor | By Holly Patrick | September 8, 2019

We are at a peak point in our culture of idolizing celebrities, social media stars, and influencers.. With social media, it is extremely easy to get inside the lives of our favorite stars. Not only can we enjoy watching them, we can see exactly how they live to try and mimic their lives to the best of our abilities.

There is one family who probably has the biggest mark on society, for better or worse, as far as their celebrity impact. I'm talking about the Kardashian family. Whether your favorite is Kim, Khloe, Koutney, Khris, or any of the others, there is no doubt that their family is a celebrity dynasty.

While it can be fun to try and transform ourselves into our favorite celebrities, many people take it way too far. There is only so much of yourself you can change before you start to regret it. The woman in this story has gone to insane lengths to look like Kim Kardhashian, having spent more than $500k on surgeries.

A Journey to Look like Kim Kardashian Goes Wrong

We talk a lot about addiction to cigarettes and alcohol, but there is another type of addiction that can be just as costly. I'm talking about plastic surgery addiction. That's a much more expensive addiction than a pack of cigarettes, that's for sure.

Jennifer Pamplona is a 27-year-old from Los Angeles with plastic surgery addiction. Now she's regretting it after having over 20 surgeries performed on her in efforts to look like Kim Kardhashian. She has spent over $500,000 on procedures, however, that's not why she's regretting her experience. She's regretting all the plastic surgery because her latest lip procedure left her with deflated lips. Jennifer Pamplona is vowing never to go under the knife again after her latest surgery, although when it comes to addicts, you can't really trust them at their word when it comes to their addiction.

Fish Lips

Last month Jennifer had three millilitres of filler put in both of her lips, but then she said she started having a negative reaction to the product used. According to Jennifer, her lips looks like "fish lips" after the procedure. She was in pain and her lips wouldn't stop bleeding. Two days after the procedure, she returned and paid $3,000 to have the fillers taken out. Regarding how she looks now, Jennifer said, 'Now, my lips look like an old persons - they're stretched but look withered like a deflated balloon."

There are always risks with any surgery, even something as simple as injecting fillers into your lips. For one, you never know what product is being used. While we hope that surgeons are ethical, you just never know what corners are being cut. Another factor is that the body reacts in different ways to outside substances. It may reject what you put into it.

Has Jennifer Learned her Lesson?

Jennifer has had many surgeries on her journey to look like Kim Kardashian. She has had not one but two nose jobs, she has removed eight ribs, her breasts have been augmented, and she's had fat injected into her rear-end. Her goal was to achieve 39-inch hips and a 21-inch waist, just like her hero Kim Kardashian.

Jennifer claims to have learned a valuable lesson. "I have almost destroyed my face and my health all because I am a plastic surgery addict. When I removed all of the filler I got a lesson - I will never undergo surgery to fix something that's already good. I always want more and more and I almost destroyed my face and my health in the strive for perfection. I want my story to serve as an example to every girl who wants "big lips" that it's not beautiful at all. The entire thing was a nightmare, but I'm glad I got my lesson."



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