Famous YouTuber Found 10 Days After She Went Missing

Entertainment | By Sabrina Crosby | August 13, 2019

Youtube stars are the new major celebrities of this generation. While the world's biggest celebrities used to be known worldwide, now with Youtube stars, our youth's heroes are much more niche. You may have not heard of some of the biggest names in Youtube, but their fans certainly have.

The appeal of a Youtube star is how personal they can get with their fans. For fans, they feel as if there is a real connection between them and the Youtuber. This is in part due to the "speak to the camera" style of video that Youtubers are most known for, although not all stars use this type of format.

Fans can get heavily invested in the lives of their favorite Youtube stars, so when something happens to that Youtube star, it can send a ripple across Youtube fandom. When Youtube star Marina Joyce went mysteriously missing ten days ago, it caused exactly the level of panic you might expect.

Marina Joyce Goes Missing

It was only ten days ago when YouTube star Marina Joyce was reported missing. Seemingly out of thin air, Marina Joyce disappeared, leaving her loved ones and fans frantic to find out where she went. Marina Joyce is a 22-year-old girl from North London and an incredibly popular YouTube star. She has over two million subscribers and posts videos about her life including how she does her hair, make-up tutorials, and other personal vlog style videos.

July 31st was the last anyone had seen or heard from her. Loved ones contacted the police to report her missing on that Wednesday. Police asked for help from the public two days later. They reached out to see if anyone in the public had seen Joyce. Luckily, the next Saturday, the police reported that Marina Joyce had been found.

Her Boyfriend Knew Where She Was

Police were lucky to have found her so quickly. Marina Joyce's boyfriend, Brandon Mehmed, is also lucky because he looked very guilty throughout the process. Brandon Mehmed is also a YouTuber. He responded to the police's missing person's alert soon after it was posted. He tweeted a very suspicious tweet that said, ""Everything is being dealt with in a professional manner. Please don't worry about her as she is safe and well (you have my word for that). Also everyone who thinks I'm acting 'suspicious' are only misinformed and don't know me at allll."

The tweet obviously implicated Brandon Mehmed in Marina's disappearance. It meant that at the very least, Mehmed was withholding information on the whereabouts of Marina Joyce. After Joyce was found by the police, her boyfriend tweeted, "Marina wants to make a video soon explaining all of this because it became a bit too much what with everyone thinking I'm a suspect and all. I'm so sorry to everyone that I confused, I could only say what I knew last night. I knew she was safe because I spoke to her 24/7 and I wasn't withholding any information."

A History of Questionable Behavior

This wasn't the first time that Marina Joyce exhibited alarming behavior. Two years ago fans thought she was making videos against her will due to her acting suspiciously during her videos. As it turns out, she suffers from some sort of depression.

Mehmed continued, saying,"This hasn't been an easy time for Marina and I hope you guys can respect her privacy for the next day or two until she releases a video to explain everything. I just know that no matter what I say, it'll get turned against me and that's completely find because I know I'm a good person and I only mean well (especially for Marina) you truly have no leg to stand on when you're dealing with the internet but I hope this can help put things to rest. You'll get your proof that she is safe when she uploads. Thank you!!"



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