10 Year Old Boy Charged With Assault For Playing Dodgeball

Weird | By Bruce Bridges | August 3, 2019

Dodgeball is an American pastime that many kids have played during physical education in their grade school days. The object of the game is simple. Take a rubber ball and hurl it across the battle line to try and smack one of the opposing players. All while avoiding getting hit by someone else's ball.

You might have great memories of playing dodgeball with friends, or you might have some seriously traumatizing memories from getting beaned - or even worse, getting picked last. Nothing was worse than getting picked last. It meant no one had any faith in you, plus you were going to get destroyed.

In the game of dodgeball, people are bound to get hurt. It is just that kind of game, especially when emotions are at an all time high. That's why it is surprising that ten-year-old boy had assault charges filed against him after injuring another boy during a game of dodgeball.

Assault Charges Over Dodgeball

Like any game that involves throwing a ball at each other, there are bound to be injuries in a game of dodgeball. Recently a ten-year-old boy had assault charges dismissed by a Michigan prosecutor after he hit another student with a dodgeball during a game and injured him. The event all happened back in April 29th. Cameishi Triplett Lindley is the mother of the boy who had the charges filed against him. His name is Bryce and he was suspended from Eriksson Elementary School in Canton Township in Michigan after injuring another student. Shortly after being suspended, he was slapped with an aggravated assault charge.

Cameishi Triplett Lindley posted about the story via a fundraising post on Facebook to help her son and her family with the attorney fees. The attorney fees were allegedly over $4,000 which is what prompted the fundraising page.

The Charges Were Dropped

In a statement, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy said, "I have no doubt that both families involved love their children and want the best for them. But I do think that there is a better way to go forward at this time. It is my earnest hope that both sides will come back to the table to work out a solution that benefits both of these children." The statement was released this past Wednesday. According to Worthy, the charges are sustainable, however, not necessary in her opinion.

The whole incident occurred during a game where kids throw the ball into the air as the other kids try to jump up and catch it. The game wasn't quite dodgeball, but involved the same equipment. The victim, a 9-year-old boy, was hit in the head and suffered a concussion.

A Possible Sucker Punch

The child who was injured in the incident suffers from a medical condition that makes him prone to severe head injuries. Along with the concussion, he also had a bruise on his nose and a black eye. According to the prosecutors, Bryce threw the ball at the victim after the game was finished. It was an intentional hit with force - a sucker-punch, if you will. The charges against Bryce were dismissed just a day before he was to appear in court for the incident. That is great timing for the Lindley family.

According to the school, they believe they handled the situation "in accordance with applicable district policies and the student code of conduct." The victim had been hit by balls before as well, though those incidents did not cause as grave of injury as this one.



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