Man Dressed As Batman Rescues Shelter Dogs

Inspiration | By Jamal Mack | July 9, 2019

You have probably heard the popular saying, "not all heroes wear capes." It's a saying that means that even our most normal-looking person can be an amazing hero to people. We don't always need to idolize superheroes. Regular folks can do just as much good, sans the superhero outfit.

While people like teachers, doctors, and humanitarians are the real heroes of the world, it is always fun to see someone don a superhero outfit to do their good deeds. It is a great way to gain traction on a cause because just like this article, people love to write about people dressed as superheroes.

This is a story about two of everyone's favorite things: superheroes and dogs. As much as we love dogs, thousands of them are killed each year because they can't find a home. It may be a disturbing fact, but it's true. Luckily this caped crusader is doing all he can to help these dogs find a home.


The harsh truth about dogs is that while we may love to give them a little pet here and there, many are left in shelters waiting to die because people are not willing to take care of them. It is something to think about before you take on dog ownership, because you may find yourself giving the dog up for adoption which is essentially a death sentence. That's where our caped crusader comes in.

Chris Van Dorn is a 27-year-old who has an intense love for animals. He's a vegan, not surprisingly, and his greatest passion is preventing dogs and cats from being killed in shelters. After being inspired by Batman: The Animated Series, Chris Van Dorn started the nonprofit, Batman4Paws based out of Orlando, Florida. Their goal is simple. To find homes for as many shelter dogs and cats as possible.

No Distance is Too Far For Batman4Paws

Batman4Paws' main goal is to find homes or safe havens for shelter animals to rescue them from being euthanized in shelters. You might be wondering how this all connects to Batman. Chris Van Dorn spoke with TODAY to explain the connection, as well as his goal, "I liked that Batman was mysterious and stood for a symbol that was incorruptible and stood for good. I really admired that."

"That's what I wanted Batman4Paws to be: something that's there just to be good. To try and do the best you can and stay true to the path." If you're wondering exactly how far Van Dorn is willing to go, he recently drove from Florida to Vermont to transport four dogs to their new homes. The following day he drove to North Carolina to transport two more dogs. "I'm just trying to do the best I can in the time I've got to help as many puppers find their homes - and cats, too. Any animal in need, honestly."

Batman4Paws Hopes to Extend Their Reach

Make no mistake. This isn't easy for Chis. He's not some billionaire with money and time to blow. He uses a Honda Accord to transport the animals, so he is looking for people to donate a larger vehicle to his cause. As far as the intense heat in the Batman costume, he relies on the AC and his determination.

His goal is also to help educate people. On his travels, people will often want to talk to him since he's dressed up in the costume. It's the perfect opportunity for him to spread his message. He also has a dog of his own, Boots, who he plans on using to help him make hospital visits dressed as Batman and Robin. Chris Van Dorn makes money as an audio engineer, so this is purely something he does out of the good of his own heart.



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