Gymnast Fractures Both Legs, Two Months Later She Walks Down the Aisle

Inspiration | By Holly Patrick | June 9, 2019

The internet can be a cruel mistress. Imagine the most embarrassing, painful moment of your life- now imagine that millions of people have watched that moment over and over on the internet. That's unfortunately what can happen when a person goes viral for falling, hurting themselves, or just doing something plain stupid.

The internet is full of "fail" videos. These videos depict exactly what I mentioned above: someone's worst experience put on tape. While we can't help but chuckle at these videos, that's because we don't really imagine the aftermath. We only see the few seconds of carnage, then we get to click the window away.

The reality is that the person we're laughing at could have been seriously injured, or brutally maimed. We never get the story after the fact. We just get to enjoy the videos for the brief moment they are in our lives. The victim has to live with it for the rest of their lives, just like Samantha Cerio, the gymnast who broke both of her legs during a NCAA Gymnastics Competition.

Samantha Cerio Suffered a Horrific Accident

Gymnastic fails are a very popular type of fail videos. Gymnasts perform incredible spins at insanely high speeds, which when done well, are amazing physical feats. When they are done incorrectly, it can lead to Matrix-esque falls where someone's flipping and flopping hard into a mat. Recently there was a fail video taken at the NCAA gymnastics competition, where Samantha Cerio, a gymnast apparently broke both of her legs doing a flip on the mat.

The video shows Cerio running down the matt and performing several handsprings, jumps, and twists, until she lands at just the wrong angle and speed. Her legs fold the wrong way as she immediately cries out in pain. The announcers have no idea what to do or say, having not seen a clear glimpse of the injury. It is disturbing to say the leas.

Two Months Later She Walks Down the Aisle

Morbid curiosity had people share the video by the millions. People just couldn't get enough of this accident, however, the accident ended Samantha Cerio's career. At just 22-years-old, she wasn't going to compete again. She underwent surgery to repair her ligaments and fix her dislocated knees. While that all sounds very horrific, there is a good end to her story. Just two months after the surgery, Samantha Cerio posted photos of her walking down the aisle.

Even though her gymnastics career has ended, she is not letting that stop her from living her life. The wedding took place at Trey Wood at a Yach Club in Alabama, and no she wasn't on a wheelchair. She enjoyed the day dancing on her feet. Twitter photos showed her dancing with her husband and standing at the altar as well.

Her Pain is Not Your Entertainment

Samantha Cerio opened up to TODAY saying that she never expected to walk again after the accident. Other than being a gymnast, she is an aerospace engineering major, and she has a clear message for the people of the internet. She asks that people stop sharing the moment on the internet, because it was one of the worst moments of her life and is "not your entertainment."

She told TODAY, "I think it's made people more aware of what they see on the internet. When you see something like that, you kind of want to watch it just to see what happens, because you're curious about it, but at the same time, you don't think about the people that it could impact." Her story is not over yet. She will be working at Boeing as a structural design analysis engineer. While she may not be doing handsprings anymore, she sure does have a bright future.



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