Internet Sensation Grumpy Cat Passes Away

Internet fame can be both amazing and very dangerous. Just like any type of fame, being famous for being on the internet can get you millions of fans, but it also opens you up for scrutiny, especially if you're looking to make it in actual Hollywood. You'll always seem like just a social media star.

There are plenty of internet celebrities that transcend their social media beginnings to create healthy careers, but with the internet being so fickle, that's not the case for everyone. There are certain types of internet celebrities who are always well regarded no matter what. I'm talking about animal internet celebrities.

Doug the Pug and Keyboard Cat are just two examples of animal internet celebrities who have become so adored that just about everyone loves them. Unfortunately, the world has recently lost one of the most beloved animal internet celebrities: Grumpy Cat, the grumpiest cat the internet had ever seen.

Grumpy Cat Passed Away at the Age of 7

It's always sad when someone loses a pet, but in this case, it's extra sad because it's as if the entire world has lost a pet. Grumpy Cat passed away recently at the age of seven. Grumpy Cat was known for her icy blue eyes and her constant grumpy look, despite how happy she was at the time. The cause of death was due to complication from a urinary tract infection, a tragic end for such a young cat.

Grumpy Cat was born in 2012 and quickly took the internet by storm. People could relate to the cat's permanent grumpy frown, making her an instant meme. If that cute cat can be grumpy, so can I! Tabatha Bundesen, Grumpy Cat's owner wrote a social media post announcing Grumpy Cat's death saying, "some days are grumpier than others."

Grumpy Cat was born Tardar Sauce

Many people loved Grumpy Cat, including her family. Bundesen wrote on behalf of her and her family in a social media post, "besides being our baby and a cherished member of the family, Grumpy Cat has helped millions of people smile all around the world - even when times were tough."

Although we all know Grumpy Cat as Grumpy Cat, she was born with the name Tardar Sauce when she was just a kitten. She rose to fame before she even reached her first birthday. When a photo was put on the internet, she became instantly famous for her od, grouchy look. With the help of Reddit and other social media platforms, she rose to fame. She even attended the 2013 SXSW Interactive Festival where hundreds of people waited in line to take pictures with her.

The Fans will Miss Her

Because of her fame, Grumpy Cat lived an exciting life in the public eye. She's been on posters and calendars, and even attended baseball games and release parties. Of course, she also appeared on TV. To realize the scope of Grumpy Cat's influence, President Obama gave Grumpy Cat a shoutout in a 2015 speech when he did an impression of her.

Grumpy Cat's book was a hit as well. Grumpy Cat's way of putting our own foul moods in perspective really connected with audienced. Regarding her death, one fan said, "I love this cat. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting her once and I will never forget it. I will never forget the first time I saw her face! I learned much from her and am deeply saddened and devastated to hear of her passing." Grumpy Cat will be missed.



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