Romanian Witches Use The Web To Keep Customers Spellbound

Weird | By Sabrina Crosby | May 5, 2019

Witchcraft is definitely in fashion right now. With shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch as well as the bevy of vampire/werewolf shows out, magic and the occult is a hot ticket at the moment. These shows tend to give the fantastical side of magic, but in actuality, there are people in the real world who practice and believe in it.

Real life magic has been practiced for much of human history, although it's hard to take seriously in our science-based society. That being said, there are still areas that truly honor real magic and the forces that are behind it. One such group of people are the witches in Romania.

Witches in Romania have a long history of practicing magic and providing their services to others, but there are only so many people who live in Romania or want to travel for their services. That's why some very enterprising Romanian witches have taken to the internet to extend their reach.

Livestreaming Rituals

Imagine seeing a group of Romanian Witches all hovering over a video call on a computer so that they can help an Indian client with a love spell. That's exactly the type of thing Romanian witches are doing today to keep their businesses going in the digital age. In this case, they're chanting "repeat after me! To be together with who I want!" The price might be worth it just for the experience alone!

Reuters reported on this group of Romanian witches conducting a session in the backyard shed just 9 miles outside of Bucharest. This is the location where many different consultations and rituals are performed. Some of these consultations are in private, while some of the rituals are even livestreamed online as a way of advertising their services and gaining more social media followers.

A Power that Transcends Distance

This might all sound ridiculous, especially the idea that a magic spell could be used from hundreds of miles across the Earth, but that's exactly what Cassandra Buzea, a 20-year-old witch claims can be done. She says, "A truly powerful witch can solve problems from a distance.It's not the phone or Facebook that are doing the magic. It's the words that we're saying, the rituals that we're doing and it's enough to look each other in the eye for the ritual to work."

The internet has only helped them Romanian witches expand their business over the internet. It is estimated that there are over 4,000 witches in Europe, Asia, and the United States who are making a business out of their powers. The younger generation of witches are leading the force of updating their practices for the internet age.

From Tarot Card Readings to Cursing Corrupt Politicians

Updating to use the internet doesn't bother Buzea's mother, Mihaela Minca, who said, "Nothing's changed, the craft is the same, but now it's much easier for us to be in contact with clients from other countries." Their services can range from tarot readings for around fifty dollars, to spells that help with money, health, or love that can cost much more and last weeks.

These witches have their own agendas as well. Minca says she is working witches in the United States and Europe to cast spells on corrupt Romanian lawmakers. Minca explained what these spells specifically do, "those who don't do their jobs, those who have bad intentions, will lose their positions and suffer health problems." Romania has a very corrupt government, so it is understandable why these witches have taken on the cause.



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