11-Year-Old Girl Grants Wishes of Nursing Home Patients

Inspiration | By Julio Childress | January 27, 2019

Have you ever wished that you would someday find a magic lamp, give it a polish, and WHOOSH! A magic genie would appear out of thin air with the intent to grant you three wishes? Everyone has fantasized about that at one time or another, but never does it actually happen.

The thing is, we all have the power to be that genie. Sure, we won't appear out of a magic lamp, but who wants to be stuck inside of one anyway? The truth is, it only takes a little bit of our time to change the world for someone else. We may not have the power to make someone a millionaire, but we can put a smile on their face.

While what I just said might sound ridiculous to you, it is absolutely true, and this story will prove it. All it took was one 11-year-old girl to decide that she wanted to help people. After that, she did exactly what she said she'd set out to do, leading to many changed lives.

Meet Ruby Kate Chitsey, kid genie

Ruby Kate Chitsey is an 11-year-old girl who isn't exactly a blue genie who pops out of lamps, but she is someone who has made quite an impact by granting wishes. Ruby Kate Chitsey's mom runs a business where she helps patients at different nursing homes in Harrison Arkansas. Last Summer, Ruby helped her mom during her visits to the different facilities (already proving that Ruby Kate Chitsey is a stand up girl).

One day Ruby noticed a sad look on an elderly woman's face as she stared outside her window. Ruby just had to know what was making the woman so sad. In Ruby Kate's words, "I asked Pearl, 'What's so important?' She told me that it was her dog of 12 years, and she didn't know the next time she would see it. Pearl's face was so sad. I thought that of all the things in this world Pearl could have, she would probably just ask for more visits with her dog."

Ruby Kate takes matters into her own hands

The sad woman's name is Pearl, and according to her, the reason why she was so sad is because she wasn't able to spend time with her dog since she couldn't afford to take care of it. Nursing home patients who are funded by the government only get $40 a month for extra spending, whether that's spent on new clothes, haircuts, or something as important as dog food.

Ruby Kate Chitsey decided to take matters into her own hands. Ruby Kate said, "I'm 11, and even I have enough money saved in my piggy bank to help Pearl get a few more visits with her dog." After Ruby Kate granted her first wish, she just had to grant more. She visited each member of the nursing homes and asked them what their three wishes would be.

The Three Wishes Campaign is Born

Ruby's mom more than approved her child's plan. At she goes on to tell, "It was a great experience for everyone. You expect people to tell you they want a million dollars or a new car, but they don't. They want snacks or a pair of pants that fits." The wishes were generally simple, ranging from food to just wanting to go out and watch people have fun at a water park.

Ruby Kate took her plan to the next level by starting the Three Wishes Project, which is a GoFundMe page and Amazon Wishlist meant to help grant the elderly people's wishes. The campaign has raised $26,000, which have helped purchase many necessary items. Her mom goes on to say, "The response so far has been amazing. There are a lot of fundraisers for everything, but not so much for the elderly. It's been refreshing to see attention shine on this group."



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