Russian Nail Salon Under Fire For 'Live Ant' Manicures

Humor | By Julio Childress | August 27, 2018

Women love getting their nails done. It's one of the ways people can show off their personality or pamper themselves that is more geared towards women only. Sure, men get their nails done, but it's a female pastime. Whether it's going to a salon or doing them yourself, it is extremely popular.

There have been plenty of cool designs and trends for painting your nails that have come out over the years, especially with the rise of social media. Now people can share their ideas with each other, spawning new concepts that push the boundaries of what one can do with their nails.

One instagram account has been very unique with the types of nail designs they feature on their page. These designs range from beautiful to downright weird. The account is called Nail_Sunny, and you won't believe their next creepy, crawly design. If pedicures BUG you, then you're not going to like this one.

The Nail Ant Farm

Nail_Sunny is a Russian nail salon based in Moscow. They are world renowned for their designs. You can see why. Their newest design is features living ants inside the nail. It's similar to the popular 70s show design that featured goldfish in the heels. All animal cruelty concerns aside, this is an incredibly unique design that deserved praise. Regarding the possible harm to the ants, the salon had this to say: 'Keep calm, we left them to breathe.'

The salon has released a video showing people how to do it themselves, although the hardest part seems to be how to wrangle the ants. The ants immediately try to escape from the nails, so it requires the person to quickly apply the third layer of the nails. Luckily the technique gives the ants enough room to walk around.

The Reaction is Mixed

Not everyone thought the design was all that great. Regarding the cruelty to the ants, one instagram user said: "There is a difference between stepping on them unintentionally and shoving them in finger nails. It doesn't even look cool." Ouch. Not only do they attack it on moral grounds. They attacked the looks too. Another user noted: "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. They were hideous anyway."

Other people had a more reasonable reactions considering the fact that we kill ants all the time and they are brainless bugs. Luckily Nail_Sunny released videos of the ants being released back into the wild where they could mindlessly look for food for their queen. What a life they would have been missing. Where do you stand when it comes to the treatment of something as small as an ant? Is it still a life that shouldn't be trapped inside of a nail?

Nail Sunny's Other Designs

Nail_Sunny has had their fair share of odd designs in the past. One of their most notable was a design that made the person's nails look like feet. That's definitely an odd design meant more for entertainment than actual style. Don't worry though, Nail_Sunny does beautiful nails in more normal, toned down style. They do these wild designs to show off their prowess.

While the idea was very cool and interesting, enough people had a problem with it to make it a miss. One user summed it up the best: "I think that people are taking it too far but the idea itself was just bad and for a really bad reason (style). I don't think anyone should use any actual living creatures for fun and laughs and definitely not for aesthetics." At least we know where to go to get our nails done in Moscow.

Did You Know...


When we think of inventors, the image that comes to mind is usually that of a frazzled scientist toiling away in a lab, not celebrities pulled from the pages of Us Weekly. However, a number of well-known public figures hold patents for various innovations. Some are related to the work that made them famous, while others are offshoots of hobbies or just a single great idea.


Part of guitar wizard Eddie Van Halen's signature sound was his two-handed tapping technique, but letting all ten fingers fly while simultaneously holding up the guitar's neck could get a bit tricky. Van Halen came up with a novel way to get around this problem, though; he invented a support (top) that could flip out of the back of his axe's body to raise and stabilize the fretboard so he could tap out searing songs like "Eruption." While Van Halen was obviously interested in improving his guitar work, the patent application he filed in 1985 notes that the device would work with any stringed instrument. Want to tap out a scorching mandolin solo? Find someone selling Eddie's device.


It’s probably not surprising that James Cameron—who designed a submersible to take him to the deepest known part of the ocean—will often invent technology to make his films if what he needs doesn’t exist. He holds a number of patents, including US Patent No. 4996938, “apparatus for propelling a user in an underwater environment,” that he and his brother, Michael, created to film The Abyss and patented in 1989. The device is basically an underwater dolly equipped with propellers that makes it easy for a camera operator to maneuver in the water—and allowed Cameron to capture the shots he wanted for the 1989 film, part of which was filmed in an abandoned nuclear reactor.


In 1987 Jamie Lee Curtis designed and patented a disposable diaper that included a waterproof pocket that held baby wipes. She hasn't profited from her idea yet, though, since she refuses to license the patent until diaper companies make biodegradable products.


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