Chicken and Cat Found Cuddling Together After Escaping Fire

Inspiration | By Julio Childress | August 15, 2018

We've all heard the joke format, "why did the chicken cross the road?" While this joke format isn't known for being hilarious, it is still a classic. As far as the answer goes, it has come in many forms. People will always come up with a new answer to this classic joke.

Who knew that nature would create the perfect answer to this joke. While it may not be a funny answer, one cannot argue that it's true. The reason the chicken crossed the road is to cuddle the kitty. That's right. This isn't a joke. This is a true fact that happened in the wake of the recent Bay Area fires.

The Bay Area is currently suffering from horrible wildfires that are growing in severity, affecting the Mendocino Complex. In the wake of these fires, evacuations were made, and unfortunately that meant that pets and animals were lost, but two unlikely friends found eachother in this time of need.

The Story Behind the Fires

The fires are affected the Bay Area of California. Specifically, this area is the Mendocino Complex. Between the 23rd and 26th of June, the fire had doubled in size, prompting evacuations of the area. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection stated that the first had consumed 163,000 acres, and was at a 45 percent containment.

It requires the effort of many different fire fighting teams to battle the fire. It's size is simply too large for one brigade to be able to contain. One such team of firefighters is the Grass Valley Fire Department. They went in to respond to the fires on June 26th, which is where they stumbled across two friends sheltering each other from the deadly blazes. These two friends were none other than a chicken and a cat.

An Unlikely Pair Finds Each Other

It was the Grass Valley Fire Department who came across these two critters huddled together while they were cleaning and surveiling the fire damage. Via a Facebook post, the fire department had this to say: "While conducting their mission, the Grass Valley crews came upon an unlikely pair of animals impacted by the fire. In the doorway of a home, they found a cat and a chicken huddled together for safety and support."

The cat is Whiskers, whose owner Jennie Sierra, had been worried about her son's cat ever since they had to evacuate. Via TODAY: "I prayed to God that my son's cat would be OK. I asked Him to put a bubble of protection around our property and that's what He did." Luckily that bubble of protection came in the form of a chicken friend.

The Fate of the Animals

The chicken and the cat made news headlines, which is how the owner of the chicken, Niko Kuyper, had found out that the chicken was safe and sound after neighbors had seen the chicken in news reports. Kuyper had this to say: ""We were kind of shocked to see what looked like our chicken in these news reports. We have six chickens, but this one has a bit of a personality; she's a bit feistier, so we think that probably helped her through all this."

Whiskers the cat suffered from burnt paws due to the floors becoming incredibly hot from the fires, but she looks like she'll pull through. She is currently receiving medical help at a local animal shelter. As for the cat and chicken's friendship, we will have to wait and see if their friendship continues.



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