Ground-Breaking CGI Shows What Historical Figures May Have Actually Looked Like


If you're a true history buff, you really can't miss this gallery - it's amazing, even if we do say so ourselves. We've got all the famous people of the past here, from ancient Egypt to violent medieval times to Victorian literature, so settle in for an exciting ride through time. Oh, we think William Shakespeare totally looks like Dennis Hopper, King Tut's reconstruction will totally stun you and Cleopatra's reconstruction caused some major controversy and left many people upset. Enter if you dare!

We're not sure if we're happy or sad about this awesome development in technology. One thing is for sure, though: we're definitely fascinated! While CGI imaging certainly takes some of the mystery out of our favorite historical figures, we can't help but marvel at what they really would have looked like.

We have to admit that it can get pretty annoying trying to imagine what people of the past looked like based on just a sculpture, bad portrait, or in some cases, actual skeletons. We need to imagine them as living, breathing people! Luckily, today's advanced CGI technology offers exactly that.


Did You Know...


Chefs made their way into celebrity land a while ago. But how many celebrities that weren’t trained as professional cooks are actually whizzes in the kitchen? Here are several that come to mind.


Actress Julia Roberts is confident about her cooking skills. “I’m quite a good cook,” she told E! News. “I’m like a closet home ec teacher…I can really cook anything.” Roberts has said she often cooks fish for herself and her kids. And speaking of her three children, “They think that I’m a good cook,” Roberts told People. “They actually told me that I should open a restaurant.” She also relishes cooking for the holidays, particularly shredded Brussel sprouts. Roberts hasn’t published a cookbook, but we did find recipes attributed to her for peach crisp and banana hemp muffins. Or you can make the same summer salad the actress supposedly eats.


Chrissy Teigen started off as a supermodel. Then her love of cooking filtered into her professional life too. At this point, she’s created recipes for a limited Blue Apron release and also just launched her own home and cooking line at Target named “Cravings,” after the two cookbooks she’s released. Teigen describes cooking as “a time of peace” for herself. So maybe peace out to her tuna melt sandwich or the fried chicken wings that are a favorite of her husband, John Legend.


Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, comes from a cooking Italian family. Her father started his own restaurant in New York and also published a cookbook. And apparently, Lady Gaga has inherited the family’s cooking genes. Her Instagram account occasionally features photos of her culinary activities. Sure, sometimes it’s topless cooking. But other times it’s more poignant like in the post she shared about her bringing food to the family of her dear friend who passed away. Want to try a Gaga/Germanotta family favorite? Check out her recipe for whole wheat pasta with a sweet fennel sauce.


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