15 Secrets Jennifer Lawrence Got Kim Kardashian to Share On a Talk Show

You might be surprised which Kardashian Sister lost their Virginity first.
Harriet King November 4th 2017 Entertainment
When Jennifer Lawrence guest-hosted 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' We knew it was going to be a good one. The two ladies didn't let us down and secrets were being spilled left, right, and center. There were also plenty of laughs as they shared tales of drunken nights together. But we were really most interested in the secrets, so we collected a whole bunch here for you. You're going to love finding out who the first Kardashian to lose their virginity was!
How J-Law Met Kim K and Kanye
Kim was happy to reveal how the two women first met: "We were at a hotel in New York, and I don't know where we were coming from but it was late.... I'm getting in the elevator with Kanye, and then the doors are about to close, and I hear Jennifer screaming, 'I love your show' so loud across the whole lobby."
How J-Law Ended Up Naked In Kris Jenner's Closet
As it turns out, J-Law and Kris had quite a few drinks together. She eventually stripped naked and asked Kim if Kanye would style her. Given her lack of clothes, Kim decided to just dress her in one of Kris's outfits, which she wore for the rest of the night!
How Kim Used To Be A Pro Internet Spy
We all have that one friend we can trust to dig up the dirt online. In Kim's friendship circle, it was her. I used to be the go-to spy that everyone would call and try to get info on their husbands or boyfriends," she said.
How Kim Caught A Guy Cheating On Her With Her Spy Methods
Using one of her tried and true spy tactics, Kim was able to hack her way into her then-boyfriend's voicemail. "He was flying in to meet another girl on my birthday and lied to me that he was in a different city," she said.
How Kim Has Never Asked O.J. If He Did It
When it comes to O.J. Simpson, Kim would rather change the subject. "I just never really go there. I have so much respect for his children, and I feel like my mom and Caitlyn both say a lot about it, and they're really vocal."
How Kanye West Wrote A Song Just For Her
Kim's rapper husband wrote a never-heard song about her, titled "Awesome," which he performed while she was pregnant with their first child, North. J-Law was impressed: "Wow, that kind of stuff never happens to me. That must be really, really nice."
How Kim Won't Talk About Blac Chyna
Though she was asked about her, Kim refused to speak about Blac Chyna. Chyna is Rob Kardashian's ex and they have a daughter together named Dream. Though the Kardashians have hard feelings, they won't speak about Chyna because of their niece.
How Kim Is Still In Touch With One Of Her Exes
She admitted she even has his number saved in her phone. "Super friendly, he lives right across the street from Kourtney. We never really talk, but the nicest family. I went to his wedding." Hopefully her husband Kanye doesn't mind!
How Kanye Has Some Weird Behaviors
We all know how, er, interesting, Kanye can be at times. From his public meltdowns to his bizarre Twitter rants, he always keeps the world guessing. But according to Kim, his strangest habit is falling asleep anywhere. Not sure if we agree with that one!
How Kim's Contour Brush Looks Like A Dildo
Kim claims she didn't realize how much her contour brush looked like a dildo until it was too late to take it back. "That didn't come to mind...until I was posting it on social media and I was like, "Oh sh*t, this looks like a dildo.""
How J-Law Wants to Be Kim's Surrogate
Kim and Kanye are awaiting the birth of their third child via a surrogate and now it seems J-Law wants in on the action. Kim joked that if they decide to go for a fourth child, she'll know who to contact.
How Kim Was The First Kardashian To Lose Her Virginity
When asked the cheeky question, Kim admitted she was probably the first one out of her sisters to lose her virginity. "Probably me, but I was in a serious relationship," she confided to J-Law. After that, there were no further juicy details shared.
How Kim Feels About Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Getting Back Together
Kim had nothing but love to express for the young on again/off again pop super couple. "I think it's so cute," she said. J-Law was a little more hesitant about the whole thing. "I don't know what to think!" she admitted.
How We Can Expect A Kardashian Christmas Card This Year
Just like every year, the Kardashians will be giving the people yet another Christmas card in time for the holiday season. Kim said she'll be hosting the shoot this year and she appeared to be genuinely excited about the whole thing.
How Kris Humphreys Is One Of Kim's Craziest Exes
The two women laughed as they discussed how Kris Humphreys is definitely one of Kim's craziest ex-boyfriends. Humphreys is a professional basketball player who was very briefly married to Kim. It was only 72 days before Kim filed for divorce.
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