15 Reasons Why Sleeping Naked Is Good For You

Guess we all gotta start sleeping NAKED....
Charlie Blacks II October 20th 2017 Lifestyle
Many of us have our favorite nightwear, whether it's comfy fleece lumberjack printed pants or silk and satin pajamas, most of us know exactly what we want to wear in order to get the perfect amount of beauty sleep in order to be well-rested for the following day. What many don't know is that there are positive reinforcing health and mental benefits to sleeping in the nude. We understand some of your living quarters may not allow for you to do so but, check out all the benefits from sleeping naked and let us know if you'll be trying it out tonight in the comment section below.
Heightened Awareness
A lot of spend a lot of time finding the right clothes to fit not only our personal styles but, our body types as well. But, if you happen to sleep naked as often as possible you become more aware and comfortable with your body that your self-confidence is immediately effected in a positive manner.
Sleeping in the nude does a lot more to your body than you would think it would. Not only would be more aware of your physical appearance and more comfortable with it, it also releases a wide array of growth hormones while you sleep.
These growth hormones include lowering the risk of diabetes and heart diseases, promoting bone density, building muscle, repairing damaged tissues, as well as stimulating organ development and reinforcing a healthy immune system. If you ask us, sleeping naked sounds like a win for your overall health.
The Laziness Factor
If you think about it, sleeping in pajamas can lead to a lazier lifestyle. Those days when you don't have to get up early for work or it just so happens to be the weekend a lot of people stay in their PJs all day but, when you're sleeping naked you have to prepare your next outfit and most likely won't skip out on going to the gym or going to the grocery store.
The Right Temperature
Let it be known that if you choose to sleep naked you should keep the room temperature at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This particular degree amount allows for the melatonin in your body to remain active while providing your body with anti-aging hormones for the perfect amount of beauty rest.
The Right Temperature Pt. II
Not only does sleeping at the right temperature allows you to receive the ultimate beauty sleep that allows you to activate anti-aging hormones, it also keeps your body at a cooler temperature which in time will have positive effects on your overall life.
With Your Partner
When you sleep in the nude with your significant other, your body releases this chemical called oxytocin. Oxytocin reduces social anxiety, increases satisfaction as well as happiness. Skin-to-skin contact is also a huge factor in blossoming relationships and allows for a deeper connection with your partner.
The Mood
The more often you happen to sleep naked with your partner, the more oxytocin that is released through your body which also happens to be a major natural aphrodisiac. Oxytocin will most likely get you in the mood more often and could result in better orgasms. And who wouldn't want that?
Reduced Risk For The Ladies
For the ladies out there second guessing if they should sleep in the nude or not, let it be known that you reduce the risk of getting a yeast infection from wearing constricting and tight clothing to bed. Allowing your lady parts to stay cool and get some air will rid of any type of infection that thrives in hot moist parts of your body.
Reduced Risk For The Fellas
You didn't think that we were gonna leave you guys out, did you? Welp, that's right fellas, sleeping in the nude can benefit you guys too. Especially, the reproductive system. If you allow your testes to remain cool and loose rather than pinned up in a pair of tighty whiteys, it allows for healthier sperm and better functioning member as well.
Cortisol Levels
Sleeping in the nude and at the right temperature is also beneficial for our bodies because it allows us to maintain the right levels of cortisol. An unbalanced amount of cortisol has the ability to disrupt sleep cycles as well as cause weight gain. Sleeping in the nude can even help maintain your body weight.
One Less Load
It's strange and kind of humorous to think about but, when you decide to make sleeping naked a priority or a part of your nightly routine, you will notice the reduced amount of clothing you'll need to wash as well. If you ask us, sleeping in the nude is also good for your pockets and your laundry loads.
Summertime Heat Wave
Depending on where you live on this huge earth, you probably have experienced some crazy heat waves during the summer months of the year. Well, when heat waves strike it can result in some of the worst sleep of the year which is why we recommend sleeping in the nude. It helps regulate body temperature and allows for you to get a good night's rest in.
The Skin You're In
This is probably the most obvious beneficial factor to hit the list. Sleeping in the nude can help your skin immensely. When you allow your skin to breathe after it's been confined in hot, constrictive clothing all day you can reduce the risk of skin infections, rashes, and athlete's foot.
Increases Circulation
Last but not least, sleeping naked allows for your body to increase the necessary circulation it needs for your body to function at 100% capacity. We'd all like for our bodies to be in optimum and tip-top shape, and sleeping in the nude can help that as well. With that being said, strip yourself of all of your garments and enjoy a nice night sleeping in the nude in your lonesome or with your significant other. Trust us... You'll enjoy the benefits.


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