Original Pokemon Card Collection Sells for $107,000

Do you still have your old Pokemon cards? Then you might be rich! This collection sold for over $100k
Antwan Moss August 15th 2019 Entertainment
Nostalgia is a very good business right now. We are in an age where anything we want can be manufactured. Action figures of shows from sixty years ago, or stuffed toys of cereals that haven't been on shelves for eighty years. These are all very popular and easier to make than ever.
There is no king of nostalgia greater than Pokemon. Not only is Pokemon fondly remembered by generations of people, it is still continuing with new generations today. People young and old will light up when you talk about Pokemon. That means there are a lot of collectibles and throwback merchandise to choose from.
Everyone remembers Pokemon cards. They swept the world when they first came out and they are still sold in stores today. They are even more popular today, with old and young fans playing. The cards debuted in 1999, which is why a first-edition set of the first 103 cards recently sold for $107,010.
Pokemon Cards Still Have The Rage
Pokemon Cards swept in the scene back in 1999. They were released on the heels of the popular anime and video game series. With the advent of the cards, fans had a new way to spend money. Pay three to five dollars for ten random cards. Every pack was a chance at pulling a rare, super powerful card. It became incredibly addicting, and even to this day it is still incredibly popular. Youtube channels like LeonHeart make a living off of opening packs of cards on camera.
Most of the cards are worth pennies, but some of them can fetch hundreds if not thousands of dollars if they are in good condition. There are some legendary cards that would have any collector's mouth water. None are more sought after than the original set of cards from 1999.
You Have To Catch Them All
Some people have remained collectors ever since they bought their first booster pack back in 1999, however, many people sold off their collections. The people who sold their collections early might be upset to find out that they could have retired off of them. Recently a set of first-edition Pokemon cards sold for $107,010. The set included all of the 103 original Pokemon cards. Some of these cards are super common in general, but being first editions make them even more sought after.
While a Caterpii card might only fetch you a couple of bucks at most, some of the rarer cards like the holofoil Charizard can range anywhere from twenty to thirty thousand dollars. Tragically, I at one time had three of them that I later sold for a pathetic amount of money.
Gem Mint Cards
While Pokemon has way more Pokemon than 103 at this point in the series, the 103 in the card collection are comprised of the original 150 from the Pokemon Red and Blue videogames. Now the game continues on with iterations like Pokemon Go and Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu. The cards sold in the set were all rated Gem Mint by authenticators, which is the top rating cards can get. The bidding started at $25,000, so collectors must have been very excited for Gem Mint cards to raise that bid to over one hundred thousand.
A lot of why the cards are so valuable is because of the nostalgia factor. People from different generations love Pokemon cards. The fact that new cards are created every year proves that the cards are still relevant, increasing the value of the old cards even more.


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