Tesla Owner Charges Car On Random Lawn, Steals 12 Hours Of Electricity

You won't believe what this Tesla owner did just to get a charge. Have Tesla owners gone too far?
Courtney Richard July 29th 2019 Weird
Tesla has taken the world by storm. People are waiting years on a waitlist just to get their new toy, and once they have it, they can't stop talking about it. It is hard to blame them for it either. It is a very cool car with some extremely helpful features, including a semi-self driving mode.
One of the most exciting features of the Tesla brand of cars is that they are fully electric. This means that you can say goodbye to annoying gas stations. That does create a brand new problem, however, because you still have to find a place to plug in and charge your car.
While there are many gas stations all over the place, finding a charging station that can also keep your car for several hours is not as simple. That is why one Tesla owner did the unthinkable and parked on a random person's lawn to use their outlet. Classic Tesla owner, am I right?
Tesla Owners, a Rare Breed
It is easy to get annoyed with Tesla owners. Part of that is an inherent jealousy, whether you want to admit it or not. Jealousy aside, there's another reason why we are annoyed by Tesla owners: they seem entitled. Tesla owners seem to act like they are saving the world, and that we should all recognize that fact. They zoom through the streets, offended that you'd even think of getting in a Tesla's way. While the majority of Tesla drivers are just normal people like you or me, some of them can give all Tesla drivers a bad name.
Phil Fraumeni is a man who lives in Lake Worth Florida. One day he was disturbed by his gardener asking him to move his car off the lawn. The only problem was that Phil never parked his car on the lawn.
A Rude and Surprising Turn of Events
Phil Fraumeni went to his front yard and found a white Tesla Model 3 sitting on his lawn and partially on the sidewalk as well. Not only that, it was plugged into an external 120v outlet, sucking up Phil Fraumeni's valuable energy. Phil Fraumeni must be an angel on Earth, because instead of slashing the tires, damaging the electrical cord, or towing the car, waited it out until finally calling the police.
You'd think that the car was stolen and dropped there, but it wasn't. The police found the owners who revealed the car had been there for 12 hours, costing Fraumeni a whopping two dollars and seventy cents for the electricity. Instead of asking Phil Fraumeni, who is so nice he would have certainly let them plug in if they'd asked, they felt entitled enough just to plug in.
The Owners
If you think that the owner of the Tesla was immediately apologetic, or had a very good reason for acting so rudely, you'd be wrong. They were visiting a friend when they ran out of charge, so they just decided to use some random strangers lawn and outlet. They didn't even offer an apology according to Phil Fraumeni's wife. The last they could do is admit that they were wrong, but they couldn't even do that.
Phil Fraumeni could have rightfully pressed charged, but he didn't, nor will we ever know who these sick, demented Tesla owners are so that we could send them nasty messages over social media. For some reason electric vehicle owners think this is OK, but would you ever park your gas guzzler on someone's lawn, grab their gas can sitting at the side of the house, and fill up? Probably not.


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