If A Guy Has These 15 Qualities, Wait For Him

Wait for the guy who proudly grabs your ass everywhere.
Ian Anglin October 17th 2017 Lifestyle
Every guy has different qualities and personality traits about him - even the people we don't like, they still have something going on for them. The key to happiness in life is to know which kind of person suits you best - usually, we need the person we love to have something that is similar to us, but also we need them to have certain qualities that we lack. For example, if you are smart, but not disciplined, a guy with a strong sense of discipline is exactly what you need.
He Reaches For Your Hand
How many times do we see girls on the street, reaching out for their partner's hand? If your boyfriend sometimes reaches for you first, this can mean some very great stuff for your future together - remember to keep him, he is worth it.
He Is Quiet in the Morning
I'm not talking here about guys who are always quiet and are scared to speak-off. I'm talking about a guy that watches out in the morning not to wake you up while he goes to the bathroom - just so you can get a few more minutes of sleep.
He Has His Hand on Your Thigh
If he truly loves you, and respects you, you will find he often keeps one of his hands (or both!) on your thigh - this could be happening anywhere, be it at home, at the bar, under the table at a restaurant - it doesn't matter, he will still go for this subtle touch.
He Never Gets Tired of Kissing You
You need to wait on the guy that never gets tired of kissing you - just about anywhere on your body, and even the forehead. He never gets bored of being with you, hugging you, and cuddling in bed while the two of you watch your favorite Netflix show.
He Makes You Laugh
You should most definitely wait for the guy that can always make you laugh - even in the harshest of times. You need someone positive around you, something that can lift your spirits, and help you get the most out of life.
He Likes Trying New Things
If you are into pizza's, and he is into them as well - then you have a keeper! Well, it's not as simple as that. What I'm really talking about is that you need a guy that wants to try out new things with, and is never afraid of experimenting.
He Wants You To Meet His Family
You just have to wait for a guy that has no fear or regrets in you meeting his closest relatives, family, and friends. Meeting his family means that he is taking you seriously, and is not merely wasting your time and waiting for sex.
He Keeps His Word
A lot of guys these days, with the advent of social media, are turning into hardcore liars. They always believe that the pasture greener on the other side, and are always thinking whether they can also get another girl - don't wait for those guys.
He Knows How to Have a Good Time
Every couple can have a few bad dates, or a few arguments. You will know your guy is a keeper if he knows how to go past these obstacles, and will still know how to make you happy, and get you laughing - every bad date can be turned into a good one.
He is a Yes Man
You should watch the Jim Carrey movie "Yes Man" if you haven't already - it truly is a life-changing piece of cinematography. Well, parts of that movie, are exactly what you need in a boyfriend or partner in order to be confident that he is worth waiting.
He Is Always Surprising You
Women love unpredictable guys - that is partially why they also like bad boys so much. Your partner is worth waiting if he is always thinking of a way to surprise you and keep you guessing what happens next - so, try your best to make him happy.
He Makes Silence Comfortable
This is not just up to your guy, but you do need someone that is comfortable with silence. On the flipside, you also need to have a relationship with your partner, where even if you just hugging or holding hands, that is enough to make you happy.
He Walks You Out
You need a guy that can walk you outside the restaurant, or into the cab. You don't need these stuff from him - but the mere fact that he is trying means he is thinking of you, and always trying out new ways to make your life easier.
He Treats His Mother Like a Queen
I didn't know about this one, but it appears that guys treat their girlfriends, similarly to how they treat their mothers. If he is nice to her, this means he will be nice to you, but beware - the same goes the other way around.
He Never Keeps You Waiting
When you try to call him or send an SMS, he is already ready to get back to you. He doesn't take days to write a message back because he knows this would upset you and get you thinking where he is, what is he doing, is he cheating, and so on.


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