15 Genius Inventions That We Should Have Everywhere

Inventions pop up every day on Kickstarter and all over the world, and some of these inventions are true lifesavers. An automatic pizza machine or a portable egg boiler - take your pick!
Cole Damon March 23rd 2018 Entertainment
Believe it or not, but we have had some genius inventions that have just been too good to believe, these genius inventions have taken everybody by a storm. And if the previous success is anything to by, we may have many more inventions of this nature in the future. Here we look at some of these inventions in question and try to explore them.
Fresh Pizza
Fresh Pizza really is the need of the day for everyone. Regardless of our preferences in life, no one can say no to fresh pizza in life. This machine gives us fresh pizza at all times of the day without much of a hassle.
Staircase Slide
It is high time we put an end to the hassle of coming down staircases through the use of slides like these. However, we believe that the problem with staircases lies more in climbing them than getting down.
Built-In Sink
Some devices really need to be complimented for having the best design you could have ever imagined. This design over here is perfect for someone who would want to keep their hygiene in check within one place at one time.
Untangleable Earpods
Anyone who has used earpods will agree when we say that they get tangled a lot. There wires aren't really made to counter the impact of being tangled and they get tangled a lot. But, not these ones here.
Chips Lifter
Anyone who has had chips from a container would agree how hard it is to get the chips out of the container. That really is a hard job and there is not much you can do. This chip lifter wonderfully simplifies the process.
This device senses how hot and cold the liquid in the glass is and then uses that energy from the liquids to generate some of its own to charge your phone. This is one genius idea that we can see succeeding in the future.
Cinema Toilet
Going to the toilet in the cinema should no longer mean missing out on the fun. These toilets look like a lot of fun and we wouldn't mind watching the whole movie in here without everyone looking over us.
Color Copier
This pen is perfect for copying the color from any object you have nearby you. This pen copies the color from them and then uses that color to make it interesting. Nothing beats this pen when it comes to innovation and success.
Anti Drip Cup
The world really is progressing a lot, and this anti drip cup is the perfect example of this. Anyone who has worked with a normal cup would tell you how important it is to have an anti drip cup with you.
Anyone who has ever had problems with hair fall will really love the idea behind this hair brush. This hair brush here looks to be perfect for self cleaning and can clean itself without giving much of a challenge to the user.
Easy Egg Boiler
Although, boiling an egg isn't really a hard task, we think that we are done here and any kind of help can come useful. This easy egg boiler seems like the perfect solution to the problem and we love how feasible this is.
Shower Speaker
Ask anyone who is fond of singing under the shower about the necessity of speakers in the shower, and they will let you know. A shower speaker is something that mankind needed a long time ago to be honest.
Knife Phone Case
How cool will it be if you have a knife coming out of your phone case? This Swiss army knife phone case is the best of its kind and it negates the impact of all other factors to make life easy for the user using it.
Bathtub Glass Holder
Those of us who have enjoyed this particular experience in life will vouch for us when we say that nothing comes close to drinking wine in the bathtub. The wine experience is perfectly enhanced when you drink in the bathtub, which is why this is a great idea.
Why we haven't had these bookmarks in life ever before is something that really amazes us. This bookmark is the perfect way to pinpoint where you should start from and helps you get your reading habit right on point.


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