Here Is Some Useful Advice On How To Read a Guys Mind

Guys are hard to understand, same like girls. They are complicated too.
Ray Porter October 15th 2017 Lifestyle
It can be hard to know what a guy is thinking. Whether you're flirting, or in a relationship or just generally trying to figure out what is up with a guy in your life--it might be hard to get them to tell you. When this happens, you might wish that you knew how to read their mind to make sense of things. Luckily, while we can't help you read minds--these 15 tricks are sure to help you figure out what he's thinking!
They Love Attention
Just like girls, guys need attention and love to be loved. They might not admit it aloud, but feeling needed is a feeling like no other. So be sure to keep this in mind when trying to figure out what's going on inside of a guy's head.
What's Attractive?
Obviously guys are attracted to people that they find attractive--but did you know this isn't limited to people that are conventionally 'hot.' There are a lot of ways to be attractive, like taking care of your hygiene, having interests and making adorable facial expressions!
They Like Compliments!
Guys like compliments just as much as gals do, and they love to feel like they're a man. If you give a guy praise it's a quick way to get into his heart and make him feel like you make him feel special.
A Little Touch Goes a Long Way
Being held and touched are amazing sensations for anyone, and to make a guy feel loved you should make light physical contact with him, like touching his shoulder, grabbing his hand or being close to him. Let those sparks fly!
It Can be Hard for Them to be Emotionally Honest
If a guy makes the effort to tell you how he's feeling, be sure to listen! It can be hard for men to express themselves emotionally, so you should always try to reward and encourage them for making the effort!
It Can be Hard for Them to Ask for Help
Culture places certain pressures on men that can make it hard for them to ask for help. They might ask you for help indirectly, by asking about your opinion on things or indicating that they could use your assistance with something.
It Hurts When you Flake
By nature, men tend to take commitments pretty seriously, and while they might say it outright--they can often feel hurt by you bailing on them and generally acting like a flake. These are behaviors to avoid if you want to win his trust.
Being Put Down
Honestly, men might take criticism a little bit worse than women do, and therefore it is important to word your criticisms in a way that doesn't make him feel like he is being personally attacked or taken down a peg.
They're not as Good as Picking up on Hints!
While you might be flirting with a guy and making moves, he might not pick up on your hints. While a woman would be able to pick up on a man's hints most of the time, men are just not as good at picking up on subtle flirting.
They Can be More Insecure Than They Act
Guys might act really confident, especially when you're in a relationship--but they might actually be pretty insecure. A guy might not feel like he is allowed to ask you to validate him, so try to pick up on the subtle clues that tell you when he's feeling unsure of himself.
Emotions Might Get Converted to Anger
For men, there is a problem in society where they are told at a young age that it is not okay to be emotional. Because of this, men might not have emotional wisdom and might accidentally convert their feelings into anger.
They Can Be More Nervous Than They Let On
Guys might seem 'cocky' or confident while they're flirting, but they might actually be too scared to make the first move. Don't think that he's not into you just because he hasn't tried anything--he might be hoping that you'll take the initiative.
They Might Be 'Girly' in Secret
A guy might have a lot of interests that would be considered 'feminine' and he might feel the need to hide these interests. These include stuff like knitting or romantic films or girly drinks--and he might like all of these things deep down in secret.
They Might Be a Little Different Around Their Friends
Guys have a culture that can make them act different when they're around their 'bros.' Don't read into it too much, and try to acknowledge that he might seem a tiny bit different around his friends or his inner 'guy' friend circle.
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Since many men are bad at expressing how they feel, they might show that they like you rather than tell you. You can tell when he's interested by his gestures, more than by his words. Keep this in mind, because it's the most important trick to reading his mind!


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