15 Models Who Proved That Appearance Does Not Matter

We are all different. Why be shy or frustrated with your looks when they can become your focal point? There are so many famous people whose appearance is far from conventional beauty like model Winnie Harlow with vitiligo, or Nikia Phoenix whose who
Cole Damon March 13th 2018 Inspiration
It is perfectly alright to be different than what is considered 'normal'. Different doesn't have to be 'ugly', it doesn't mean the person is 'lesser' than their 'normal' counterparts. They have good appearances both on the outside and on the inside and haven't allowed the insults to get to their head. These 15 brave models are the real deal.
Winnie Harlow
Winnie Harlow has gone through vitiligo, the same skin condition which Michael Jackson had. It is the loss of pigment in the skin because the cells are unable to produce more melanocytes. Winnie pulled through the storm and came out a victor.
Thando Hopa
Her pale skin is due to albinism. This doesn't prevent Thando from receiving many requests from companies to appear on their ad campaigns. She has starred in Vichy commercials and is getting many projects. She is also a lawyer who protects human rights in Africa.
Nika Phoenix
This freckle faces beauty had a hard time coming to terms with her unique skin condition. But when she finally learnt to cope with it, she realized that the sky is the limit and is now a successful model an influencer.
Harnaam Kaur
This young British girl was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome as a preteen child. This condition causes an abnormal amount of hair growth throughout her body and on the face, similar to that of a man. She runs campaigns for Illamasqua Cosmetics.
Viktoria Modesta
She is the world's first amputee pop star and has been able to perform some slick moves which would give any other traditional dancer a run for their money. Despite her condition, she can stand toe to toe with the best of them.
Madline Stuart
She rose to popularity when she shared her story of losing weight on social media. She got excessively overweight because of Down syndrome. Madlie wasn't allowed to let her condition get the better of her, today she is the face of Manifesta.
Alex Minsky
At the age of 18, he was deployed in Afghanistan as a marine. During one of his trips, the truck blew up and Alex was thrown out of the vehicle. He survived but his leg was amputated. He didn't let this get to him and today is advertising for men's underwear.
Andreja Pejic
He is arguably the most famous androgynous model. Born in Serbia, Andrew is probably the only person on earth to have the title of being both the sexiest man and woman in the world. He has worn many hats including an actor and designer of jewelry.
Carmen Del Orefice
Carmen got inducted into the Guinness Book of Records because of being a model with the longest career. Contrary to most industry practices, she doesn't hide her age or dye her hair. She claims that beauty is within each of us regardless of our appearance and age.
Slick Woods
Slick Woods is a popular model who is known for her bald head, gapped teeth and intimidating tattoos. She has a large fan following on Instagram. Despite the gap in her teeth, she isn't afraid to give a wide gleaming smile.
Hanne Gaby Odiele
She is a Belgian model and has both male and female characteristics at the same time, this makes her intersex. Hanny is proud of her characteristics and has advertised for a large number of companies including Valentino.
Jamie Bochert
Although she is over the age of 30, Jamie has become the face of Givenchy and has participated in several Versace shows. She has a massive cult following on social media and is actually married to Michael Pitt.
Khoudia Dop
She was teased as child because of her dark skin tone. This 21 year old girl has nicknamed herself the "Melanin Goddess" in an effort to show that she is proud of her appearance. This has truly been inspiring to millions of people worldwide.
Lola Chuil
She has a unique skin color and has become very famous. Her skin tone is characterized by a color which can best be describes as coal black. She is only 16 years old and goes to high school. She destroys stereotypes one by one.
Elliot Sailors
She advertises in women's wear and participates in couture catwalks. But when she cut her hair short, she learnt that she was starting to resemble more as a man. She has done shoots with industry veterans such as Terry Richardson.


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