Kim Kardashian's Surrogate Breaks Her Silence On Secret Pregnancy

"I really didn't know what to expect."
Cole Damon March 7th 2018 Entertainment
It is perfectly understandable for Kim Kardashian to want to keep the identity of baby Chicago's surrogate a secret. The dazzling woman, known only by her first name Lorena was given her very own special appearance on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. However, her back was to the camera throughout the reveal. The young woman gave juicy details as to why she decided to become a surrogate.
But we wanted to know her true face
The young girl said, "I knew from the very beginning that this is not m baby at all. So for me, the joy is for whoever I'm having the baby for." That is a very positive attitude to keep.
She loves being pregnant
The young woman claims that pregnancies are the most natural things for her and she would do them 'thousands' of time. Over and over again. The entire scene from KUWTK is so incredibly sweet and wholesome without a tinge of bitterness.
What we know about her
It is natural to want to know about the woman who gave birth to little Chigaco. She has two other kids, both of whom are boys and are aged 3 and 5. The woman, known only as Lorena loves being pregnant.
Lorena is the kindest woman ever
Despite the fact that she would give away her child to a complete stranger, Lorena manages to keep such an incredibly good attitude about her. Fans on Twitter were very happy to see her and could empathize with her.
The bonding between the three women
The three women, Kylie, Khloe and Lorena were able to bond with each other and the conversation between them flowed so organically that you would be forgiven to think Lorena to be part of the Kardashian family.
A strange coincidence
The best part - which we have termed as a strange coincidence - is the fact that the three women realized how close in age the babies they were carrying will eventually be. They will grow up to be bet friends.
The conversation begins
"How are you feeling" Lorena asks Kylie. "I'm good" Says Kylie with a smile. "The two of you are a month apart." Khloe informs Kylie and Lorena. "But me and her are like, three months apart." Says Khloe, pointing to Kylie.
"Are you guys feeling excited?" Lorena asks the two sisters. "Yes. The three of us have never been through this before!" Says Khloe. The wholesome interview actually wants the female viewers to also get pregnant with them in unison!
This is not my baby
When Lorena was asked by Khloe to inform her if being a surrogate takes an emotional toll on her, she responds by this, "No. Because I have accepted the fact from the very beginning that this is not my baby" Responds Lorena.
The best surrogate ever
Lorena is probably the best surrogate on the planet ever. She carries zero jealousy, anger and bitterness toward the woman who adopted Chicago. In fact, we believe Lorena might actually be proud of being part of this illustrious family.
What Kim says
In her own words Kim says, "Our surrogate is such a nice person. My entire family absolutely loves and I'm just so grateful. We are extremely excited to welcome our baby girl." The entire world is delighted at Chicago's birth.
Surrogacy in the US
Surrogacy is a concept which is still in murky waters and most people believe that it is unethical and exploitative toward those who are generally less well off. Not all women are happy with letting go of their child.
Lorena is an exception
When it comes to surrogacy, Lorena is an exception and not a norm. Any other woman would find it extremely harmful to her mental health to have to relinquish her child to someone else. This is why Lorena has won the internet.
Is surrogacy safe?
Surrogacy is as safe as normal pregnancies, the child also has the same amount of complications as a normal birth. They undergo the same problems such as growth retardation and share the same risks as normal pregnancies.
We hope they continue to have a healthy relationship
Although we can clearly see that the trio enjoy a healthy relationship with each other, this is not to say that they might have a good relationship in the near future. But we do hope that feelings of bitterness never surface.


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