Zodiac Combinations That Are Not Meant To Be In Relationships Together

Mutal understanding is demanded between the parties in any relationship as the sense of happiness and comfort assures that in future they will be going to prosper. It is imperative to know the personality traits of each other when you were going to decide
Cole Damon February 22nd 2018 Lifestyle
We often wonder what the best match for us is. It is so hard to find out who will fit without having to go through ages of learning a person to eventually find out that it was not meant to be. Worse yet to not be able to let go even after you know they are not the ones you are destined to be with.
Gemini / Virgo
Ultimately both of these signs will disagree on a myriad of things. Living together is out of the question for both of them because they are going to have quite a difficult time communicating their feelings with each other and it is going to end in tears.
Gemini / Virgo: Some Differences Can't Be Overlooked
A Virgo is always going to the realist. Practical in nature and will never be willing to put ideas in practice that do not meet their vision. Virgos are not evil it is just the way they are built. They are built to trust their intuition.
Gemi / Virgo: Maybe, Just Maybe It'll Work?
Sadly, it will not. The relationship might look like it is working for a while but that is always going to be the case. While both settle in and become comfortable voicing each other's opinions they will seem to work but will eventually fail.
Leo / Scorpio
Good news is that both of these signs look towards physical intimacy but the lack of empathy on Leo's part is always going to bring down the relationship because it will be a one sided affair that will not last too long.
Leo / Scorpio: Love Needs To Be Nurtured
Given the selfish nature of a Leo a Scorpio is going to be left feeling inadequate and will slowly start feeling like they are not worth the time and affection of another. This will drive the Scorpio to the inevitable breakup of the relationship.
Leo / Scorpio: Conflict Resolution
The Give and Take nature of both signs is pretty toxic. The Leo gives and the Scorpio receives. Sadly the reception is not that of love or affection it is of just conflict driving vibes. This will eventually lead to the breakup of the two star signs.
Capricorn and Aries
They start off pretty well because they both might seem to want the same things but eventually when they hit a groove and start to bond and gain deeper understanding of each other they'll realize that it is not as it seems.
Capricorn and Aries: Make Up Your Mind
The part that breaks it off for the Capricorn is that the Aries cannot seem to make up their mind about things. Their indecisiveness is what will drive a wedge between the two and eventually break them apart without a way to come back.
Capricorn and Aries: It's Over
Both signs will start to eventually drift and seek other companions once they realize how incompatible they are living together because of how differently they treat any given situation. Finding common ground becomes impossible. It's going to be a rough ride if either parties try to move forward.
Taurus and Sagittarius
Taurus is all about taking control and brining stability in to the relationship. The Sagittarius on the other hand is all about freedom and spontaneity. This is a major deal breaker for both star signs in a relationship.
Taurus and Sagittarius: It's Not Going To Happen
The sheer chaotic nature of a Sagittarius is going to drive the Taurus up a wall. The constant fear of the partner doing something un predictable is going to cause severe trust issues and that will eventually lead to the break up.
Taurus and Sagittarius: You're Not Going To Like It
Even thought the Taurus is going to try to keep it stable as they always try to. The constant rebellion on the partner's side is going to take a toll on both parties that will not be good for either side. This should be the final straw.
Cancer and Libra
The emotionally sensitive Cancer Sign is always going to be at the wrong end of the Libra's scale. While the Libra will be appreciative they're nature of balance will not give them enough room to express as much as the Cancer wants.
Cancer and Libra: Please Try
The Libra is just built to not be emotionally expressive. That is going to be the death of the Cancer sign. They will try to fix themselves but it will not be enough because no one is at fault it is just how they both a built.
Cancer and Libra: It's Never Going To Work
No matter how hard the cancer tries to accept the Libra's nature it will never be a happy ending. The Cancer just needs a lot of expression that the Libra will never be able to give to them. This is going to always end bad for both parties.


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