Here's What Your Birth Month Says About Your Abilities In Bed

If you did not know that the month you were born in could actually have an impact on how well you can pleasure your partner, now you know.
Gigi Cummings October 9th 2017 Lifestyle
It is said, "our future is written in the stars" and however you want to interpret it, many people have found that our astrology, and horoscopes have a big influence in who we are as people and how we interact in the world. Our personalities are shaped by the seasons and by our surroundings, we grow and learn and develop who we are over time, but we sometimes want to find a little insight into who we are as people deeper than what we can see. Our birth month can say a lot about our personality and it can even reveal who we are as intimate lovers if we decide to pay attention to the signs.
We Are Connected To Our Surroundings
Whether you believe in our connection to the universe or not. It is impossible to deny that we are influenced by our surroundings. If we were born in winter months we tend to be certain people with a deeper understanding of qualities of the cold, if we were born in the tropics, we are conditioned to thrive in humidity.
We Are One With The Moon
Our bodies are 60% water when we reach adulthood. The moons gravitational pull is so strong that it affects the oceans tides and can pull and push water around depending on the moons position in the sky. If we are more than half water, there is no denying that the moon is going to push and pull our body throughout the month.
The Universe And Sexuality
If we are so connected to our environment, the moon and external influences that we don't even realize are being put on us, its not surprise that our personality as a sexual being is affected by all these things as well. Embrace your sexual being and look into your relationship to when you were born to learn more about your intimate side
Individuals born in the first month of the year, are said to be very conservative lovers, in other words they view sex and intimacy in a more traditional way. They want romance and an old school idea of love and sex. January lovers are going to be very connected to their lover.
People born in February are those who feel like they don't want to be tied down by anyone. They tend to keep themselves at an emotional distance in order to be able to move from person to person enjoying sexual pleasure without being vulnerable, their sexual intensity is orgasmic but don't worry, they will only engage if there is a connection.
Make sure if you are shaking up with someone born in March, that you are ready for an all night sex marathon. People born in March have an intense libido where they can have sex all night long, and if you are in a relationship with them remember communication is key.
Sexual beings born in April often have a knack at being exceptionally indulgent. They tend to drive their partners crazy, in that good way where you cant seem to get them off their mind. March lovers are extremely passionate in bed and will give their whole selves in the moment.
Individuals we are born in May have a very faithful and committed mentality. They want to be fully devoted to their partner in an emotional way as well as a physical bed. So not only do they want to be your one and only, they will give all of their sexual selves to please you.
If you are looking for a fearless and bold lover, find a partner who was born in June. People born in this month are extremely daring in bed, they are open minded and aggressive, they will open your mind to things you have never experienced before.
You can be certain that if you are connecting with a person who was born in July, you are participating in a strong emotional and physical connection. They can be hot or cold, but when they are hot, they are super hot and you will feel satisfied from head to toe.
A person born in August is more likely to lay it all out on the line in the bedroom, they are going to be especially giving and wanting of the other person to be sexually satisfied first. In order for this person to feel connected to the other, they will give themselves and their devotion to you.
You have to earn the trust of a december lover in order to reach ultimate peaks of sexual satisfaction. But when you are able to make that connection and reach that level of trust you will reach sexual peaks together that you didn't even know were possible.
The art of seduction is ruled by those who were born in October. These lovers are attracted to the new and conquering. Don;t let yourself get swept away by their charms and intimacy, they will already be looking for the next new thing, their lustful ways ready to take on someone new.
A beautiful mind can be even sexier than a perfect body, and that is extremely apparent in people born in November. These lovers will seek a physical connection like no other, but its not in the looks but in the mind and the heart that get them roaring for more.
At then end of the month December lovers are ready to strive to keep the flame alive in a relationship. They will be the most supportive and have the most follow through and intimacy of all the other months. their passion for keeping the spark alive is sexy on a whole new level.


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