15 Things That Are Normal at Festivals But Would Freak You Out in Real Life

Pretty sure I'd NEVER see them at festivals either...
Ian Anglin October 7th 2017 Humor
Festivals are a great place to be. Sometimes my friends and I have driven over a thousand miles to be at some of the bigger rock or metal concerts. Festivals are also euphoric - which means we tend to not notice or take issue with stuff that we would never tolerate in real life. To prove my point, I'm going to list 15 dramatic things that are happening at these places, that will absolutely shock you if you found them happening on your street.
The Portaloos
You have no ideas how DIRTY the toilets are in these places. Note that they are called "Portaloos," as in "Portable Loo." Loo is a funny way to say "Horrible Bacteria Infested Sewer", but whatever, people are going to do what they're going to do.
The Tent Crashers
Often times drunk people will crash head first into your tent, probably when you're already far asleep or being intimate with your partner. This is no big deal to them - they are drunk, so what's the point in apologizing or getting all serious about it.
No Wi-Fi!
It's been a while since I've been to a place with no internet connectivity. This is in part because of the awesome 4G I have on my phone, but still, sometimes you pass over your bandwidth limit, and being at a festival can leave you to feel strangled.
Thieves Everywhere
Festivals attract all sorts of people, and the edgier the music is, the more chances some troubled teen will be there that needs to stockpile on a few phones so that he has enough beer and gas money later on. Watch your belongings - you have been warned.
Hanging Out is a Must
This is not specifically a con of going to a festival. It is quite normal at a festival to grab a chair and sit/talk next to people you hardly know. Doing this in a pub or restaurant would be downright insane to do!
Inappropriate Flags
It is become quite customary to bring any type of obscene flag to a festival. The edgier the flag, the more laughs and giggles you will get. Some recent flags had used imagery from the Glastonbury Kim Kardashian sex tape incident.
Going for a Number Two
There are reports that this "prank" is starting to occur more frequently in the recent year. The joke is that guys go in and take a number two dump in other people's tents - while the original tenant is somewhere outside partying to the music.
Rave Clothes
This is also neither a pro or con according to me, but you may have a different opinion. Rave clothing is made to be highly extravagant and get everyone's attention, so if you want to be in that kind of environment - good for you!
Don't Talk About the Drugs
Festivals are placed with some of the highest amounts of drugs ingested per person. No, there is no official scientific measure of drugs per person, I just made that up, but you get the point? Ecstasy, LSD, Cocaine - anything is available.
Beer at 7am
Festival-goers look at their time at the festival as a type of adolescent vacation. The point is not to relax or live healthily - the main point is to live like there is no tomorrow, so often times that involves having a drink even at 7 am!
Complete Lack of Hygiene
As mentioned in the above section about "Portaloos," festivals are some of the dirtiest places you can get yourself in. Cleaning often doesn't begin AFTER the concerts end, and if it rains - be prepared to spend days living in the mud.
Poor Food Choice
Imagine your cholesterol and blood pressure if you have THREE BURGERS EACH DAY! This is even worse than having a Doner Kebab (a type of high-fat Turkish plate), but it is how a lot of people live for days while at festivals.
Chain Smoking
If you are not a smoker already, festivals will turn you into one! Everyone around will be chain-smoking, so probably by the time the music ends, you will it weird to breathe in fresh air, without the "scented" aroma of tobacco smoke
Living in Tents Can be Tiring
Living in a tent can be remarkably similar to living in a third world country. You can't stand up straight in it, there is no room for anything, and if you are going to the festival with more people, it is going to get badly crowded.
What Phone Battery?
There is a limited amount of electrical sockets at these places. It is not unheard of to queue for hours in order to get a phone charge, although some people just ditch their phones and don't use them for the entirety of the festival.


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