15 Photos of The Most Epic Fails You've Ever Seen

Ian Anglin October 7th 2017 Humor
Here is a pretty recent collection of 15 most epic fails you've ever seen! I've been slowly adding to my collection (yes - I have a folder dedicated to epic fails), and I think that now it is finally time to do the first, public release. I hope you'll like these - the first few around going to be the all-time favorite text-message fails, and then we'll progress to more, um, abstract types of high-grade failure. Sounds fun!
Losing a Phone
This guy doesn't realize that losing his phone means that he can't be called or messaged by the person that found it. He actually posted this publicly in a Facebook group, where people promptly made fun of him. He deserved it!
Use It Wisely
Here we have a suspect doing an armed robbery, but what he didn't do properly is use his gun. Not to shoot to the clerk or anything like that! Still, why would he throw his only weapon at the employee, which now has the upper hand?
Saving on Windshield Wipers
This dude probably just want to save some money by not using his windshield wipers. To answer your question - yes, they do actually have a limited amount of use, after which you are better off just licking your windshield than using them!
I'm Sure They Can
This one is especially funny. TNT is actually a Dutch shipping and logistics company, and their motto is (or was) "Sure we can." This truck driver took to the moto quite literally - he tried, repeatedly to drive his truck under a bridge - which didn't have enough roof clearing for his vehicle!
Epis Breaking News Story
Westport city had a serious problem. They had a wacky sex offender that terrorized the whole municipality. When he finally decided to leave town, they throw a party that was even bigger than their New Year 's Eve party. Would like to join that one!
This Happens More Often Than You Think
Models have to wear extremely high heels for their fashion shows. Eastern European girls also do this, but they fall less often. Anyway, this model had a public facedown, which was also streamed on live TV AND on YouTube - damn!
Getting Kicked Back
This guy was under severe emotional distress. I do not know this for use, but why else would he attack this lonely, innocent thrash can? What he didn't expect was for the trash can to kick him back - right where any man doesn't want to get kicked!
Who Killed Hitler?
Here a guy that has an interesting, although a bit edgy sense of humor. He says that Hitler wasn't all bad since he's the guy that killed Hitler. Then someone with high on the Autism spectrum comes and tried to literally explain the situation as if the others don't get it!
We're Glad Planking is Dead
I sure do remember when planking was a thing, and all those millions of people kept uploading videos doing it on the then recently launched YouTube. This girl got quite the oven-complication from doing the plank but was luckily not injured.
Jesus is her Son
Here we have Beth and Garcia having a discussion on Facebook. What Beth doesn't get is that Garcia is not having a spiritual conversation with God - he is, in fact, talking about his son Jesus, as this is quite a common Hispanic name.
Politics is Never a Good Conversation
Here is one discussion that reminds us why talking about politics is always a bad thing. Person A mentions how the Bible prohibits gay marriage, while person B explains that we are using literal interoperations of the Bible since a long time ago.
Keyboard Warrior
This guy had come up with the worse analogy about his little "friend" down there. Luckily for us, one of his Facebook contacts was online to explain things to him - A to Z on a keyboard is actually one of the shortest distances possible!
A Sun is a Sun
Kids have a hard time grasping this concept. Some even make it to high school, thinking there is a difference between the Sun and other stars in the Galaxy. Unfortunately for him, the Sun is just a normal, average sized star in the Milky Way.
Best Troll Ever
I have mad props to this dude! Instead of writing his real password, he just types a load of asterisks in this post in order to bait the other users into writing their passwords - which they promptly do, which was followed by what I imagine a fleet of Russian hackers using their accounts!
Lazy Generation Y
Not only is the post full with spelling mistakes, but she makes a great point in demonstrating one of the leading traits of her generation - laziness! Now I don't mean to generalize here, I'm sure there are quite a lot of Generation Y's that are cool, great people, right?


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