Learn About Your Health from These Shades of Poop

Ian Anglin October 7th 2017 Science
A few days ago I was writing an article about the various things the color and texture of your tongue can tell you about your health. I was amazed by this since I didn't know there over a few dozen different diseases that can be - at least partially, diagnosed from the tongue. It turns out this is not an isolated case - poop, of all things, can also be "used" in a way to diagnose your health. I know this may be an uncomfortable subject for some, but if you can read this through - the information is going to be worth it.
What can Brown Do for You
This one is easy - If your poop is colored brown and solid in texture that means your health is perfectly okay. The coloring comes from the liver since it produces a lot of bile during the day that eventually gets excreted with the poop.
Green Can Mean Two Things
A green-colored stool can have two important meanings about your health. The first is that it is possible that food is passing too quickly through your digestive system. The other reason could be that you ate a lot of veggies that day.
Yellow Ain't Good
Yellow colored poop is slightly more serious than the previous two I've listed. In some cases, it may indicate that you are excreting an excess amount of fat, which can be caused by malabsorption or a disorder like Celiac disease.
Dark Means Internal Bleeding
A black colored stool can indicate an even worse scenario, so I hope you don't have this one. This type of poop means that you are having possible internal bleeding, sometimes due to an ulcer or cancer. Talk with your doctor about this one.
You Haven't Seen Nothing yet Until It's Red
While having a dark stool sometimes indicates cancer, red-colored poop has an even higher probability of indicating this serious type of disorder. As before, do immediately talk to your doctor if you're frequently having a red stool - this is not a joke!
White as Snow
Personally, I have never heard of anyone having white poop, so this may get categorized in the Myth category. Anyway, a white colored stool can mean a bile duct obstruction, or in slightly better scenarios - some types of meds can cause this.
It Comes in All Sizes
Now we're going to switch to learning about the different texture of poop. If your poop is hard and formed into small pellets, that may indicate that you are becoming dehydrated, in which case I don't have to tell you what to do next.
Loose but Not Diarrhea-like
We've all been there - some of us even hundreds of times (okay, I hope not hundreds of times!). You go the toilet, your stool is kind of watery, but not TOO watery. Well, this can indicate you are having a reaction to something you have eaten - a slight food sensitivity.
Smelling (Worse) Than Usual
If your poop has recently started to smell worse than usual, I have good news for you. It's not anything serious - it just means that you are probably constipated, and the food is taking longer than usual to digestive through your digestive system.
Too Light in Color
This one is a tad more serious than the other. A lightly colored stool (not completely white, just lighter in any color combination) can indicate possible liver problems, so it should go without saying that you should talk with your doctor.
What if it has Blood in It?
This one is a mixed-bag of issues. In easier cases, it can simply mean that you, um, probably have "pushed too hard." Try to be less enthusiastic next seat. The other meaning could be that you are bleeding in the colon or lower digestive tract.
Banana-shaped Poop?
If your is poop is of solid quality, brown, and shaped like a banana, then I have excellent news for you - this is the ideal poop type, as normally poop is 75% water and 25% bacteria and fiber, which lends its natural shape.
Blue With Purple
Fun fact - blue and purple is one of the best colors that go together, and they are severely unutilized as color combinations in logos and websites. Some say it happens if you've had one too many Burger King Whoopers!
Pencil Thin
Although it is fun sounding to have pencil thin poop, it is not at all funny if it is a persistent symptom. This may indicate that you have colon cancer, which is obstructing the poop's passage through your bowels and thus lending to its thin form.
Floating in the Sunset
Floatable poop is not a normal thing! There are few different possibilities for poop to have this "gassy" quality. Some of those reasons are that your body is not properly absorbing food, or that you have a possible gastrointestinal infection.


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