The Brazilian Diet: The Latest And Greatest Weight Loss Trend

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Cole Damon January 19th 2018 Lifestyle
Brazilian people are known for their exotic looks which capture our attentions. So what could be the secret to their amazing bodies? The answer might lie in their diet. It is appropriately nicknamed,"The Brazillian Diet". And it apparently works. It's so efficient at weight loss that some health practitioners claim it can lead to the loss of over 12 kg within the span of a month.
Watch that calorie intake
Although it is extremely important to watch your calorie intake, it is equally important to not obsess over it. It makes sense to ensure that what you eat doesn't contain an overwhelming amount of carbohydrates and saturated fats.
Eat in measured portions
Design a diet plan which involves eating food in proper measured intervals so you don't end up overeating. It is okay to eat a few extra mouthfuls here and there but do not deviate from your initial plan.
Don't eat processed foods
This definitely goes without saying. Do not eat any processed foods because they contain a large amount of hidden fats, sugars, sodium and other substances such as conservatives which can harm the body in the long run.
Do not consume alcohol
It is extremely important to not consume alcohol at all during the Brazilian diet. This is because alcohol can easily thwart whatever progress your body is making and you'll have to start over. Please don't waste your hard work.
Try eating more healthy food
Incorporate a diet which involves the use of vegetables, fruits, fish, cattle and chicken. Drink a good deal of water to help with proper digestion of the food otherwise. Remember - water is the second most important food you can use for your diet.
Differentiate between what is important
It is important to make a clear difference between what your body actually needs and if you're just satisfying the never ending desire fuelled by gluttony. The Brazilian diet says you must eat to survive, not the other way round.
8 hour breaks
It is important to give your body at least 8 hours of break for it to process al the foods you have ingested. Otherwise it would backfire and the Brazilian diet would end miserably. Use an app if you can't keep track of time.
Food should be beneficial only
If the food is not beneficial then do not eat it. So if you consume fizzy drinks alcohol, fast food and other heavy ingredients, you will end up being getting faster than at the beginning of the diet.
Breakfast: One glass of orange juice, a banana and an orange Lunch: Two slices of toast and two glasses of orange juice Dinner: The same as lunch The orange juice should ideally contain nothing other than orange fruit.
Breakfast: Prepare a single cup of apple juice Lunch: Four carrots, two boiled potatoes and 100g of meat of your choice Dinner: Peaks, two hard boiled eggs and 200g of meat of your choice (it should preferable be fish)
Breakfast: A single slice of toast and two cups of milk Lunch: About 100g of cooked rice and 150g of lettuce salad. Down them all with juice containing one tablespoon of lemon. Dinner: 5 lettuce leaves, two apples and 200g of cooked meat of your choice.
Breakfast: 100g of pineapple along with two cups of pineapple juice. Lunch: Two oranges, two small pieces of cheese and toast Dinner: 3 boiled potatoes, 150g of salad which contains lettuce, carrot and down it all with lemon juice
Breakfast: 2 apples, 1 glass of apple juice and a small toast Lunch: 150g of fish, 100g of meat of your choice and 2 pieces of freshly cut carrot Dinner: 2 bowls of fish soup, 1 bowl of vegetable soup and three pieces of bread
Breakfast: 2 cups of apple juice, 2 slices of toast Lunch: A single bowl of vegetable soup, two bowls of mushroom soup mixed with fish and a loaf of bread Dinner: 100 g of meat of your choice, 100g of salad containing mixed vegetables
The last day of the weekend should be a little bit more relaxing. You can indulge yourself in moderate amounts of the foods of your choice such as pizzas or other fast foods. But do not go overboard. As for the diet plan, use Saturday's plan.


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