Husband's Hidden Cameras Shows Housekeeper Wasn't Stealing, She Was Doing This

What the hell did I just see!
Charlie Blacks II October 5th 2017 Entertainment
Good help is hard to find these days. It's nearly impossible to come across good-hearted and honest people willing to lend you a helping hand. And in this particular situation, a faithful, hardworking husband took to Reddit to tell his personal story of what he discovered after things began to go missing after hiring a part-time maid to come and maintain his household. Let's just say, what he found was not good, yet more shocking than anything else. Find out for yourself below.
First and foremost, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Reddit, it's an online community where people can go anonymously to share funny photos, the most random of news, and personal stories that can be upvoted and read by millions.
Reddit Pt. II
This virtual community offers the necessary feedback and helpful comments anyone in a bind could use in trying times. For instance, this very story of a man looking to catch his housemaid in a compromising situation and hopefully bust her in the act of the stealing, which obviously went viral with what he discovered.
Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness
Alright, we'd hope that all of you would like to maintain a clean living space at all times but, if you live an intensely busy and decorated schedule sometimes, it's harder to maintain and dedicate your time to keeping things as clean as you'd like them.
Pastor Recommended
Which is exactly why a Reddit user, who will remain anonymous for obvious reasons, shared his story of a pastor recommended maid he hired in order to keep things in line in order to accommodate to his and his wife's busy schedules. Unfortunately... Things didn't go as planned.
Humble Beginnings
The young woman began the gig immediately and at first, the couple was amazed by her thorough work, as the young lady was also a nursing student at the time and was in search of some extra cash in order to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.
The Missing Watch
Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when a Seiko timepiece went missing and the newly hired housemaid was questioned about it. In which, she claimed to find the watch behind the dresser while the Reddit user also claims to have said that he checked there before confronting the nursing student. Suspicious, if you ask us.
Suspicions Arise
With the unnamed Reddit enthusiast suspicious about where the watch was found, he decided to put up some trail cameras behind a bookshelf. He noticed after the first week of surveillance the newly hired maid spent a lot of time in the closet and also noticed his and his wife's 'sex toy' bag had been moved.
A Disturbing Discovery
With suspicions dying down, the husband returned from a lengthy business trip to discover something a lot more disturbing than his maid stealing his possessions. Matter of fact, we'll let him provide you guys with the juicy details himself quoted directly from his Reddit post...
A Disturbing Discovery Pt. II
"What I saw made me want to throw up. You can see her come in and start cleaning, and then after about 30 minutes, there's another picture of her going into the closet, and then coming back out with the toy bag... She lays on my bed, right where my wife usually sleeps and starts to play with a vibrating egg. It's hard to tell exact toys because of the resolution, but this one has a cord so I'm pretty sure."
But Wait, There's More!
Now, with husband in pure shock and utterly confused that this woman has been doing this in their home, a couple of frames later reveal the maid's head in between the husband's wife legs. That's right y'all lesbian lovers have been getting down in this man's own house right underneath his nose.
Gathering The Evidence
The Reddit user had this to say about the evidence he had gathered from their sexual encounters, "All total there were 57 pictures, but only about 15 of them were related to this... It's really hard to piece the whole story together with pictures (there's a 1-minute delay on the camera between pics, plus it has to be triggered by motion)."
Weighing The Good & The Bad
Unfortunately, these images that the husband saw has left him in an awkward predicament and he claims they've never had any issues in regards to infidelity until this incident. In which he claims to have left him with mixed feelings of lust and betrayal from his spouse.
The Pain Is Evident
The saddened husband had this to say after his traumatic discovery, "There's not really any jealousy feelings, just a bit of anger and this strange feeling of sadness, because I might have gone along with this, had I know about it ahead of time. I just feel betrayed."
The Need To Know
The husband contemplated via his Reddit account on whether or not he should call his wife and confront her via telephone but, he claimed that that would do nothing but, make him emotional and things would get lost in translation.
A Better Approach
Instead, the husband opted to send this very text message, ""Well, I set up my camera in our bedroom. I did this to catch her, but it obviously caught something else. I'm not mad at you, I just feel betrayed. Why would you do this without talking it through to me?" Unfortunately, there's no information on how the wife replied or what their marital status is today but, we want to know how you would reply. Let us know in the comment section how you would handle this particular situation.


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