15 Early Signs of Prostate Cancer That Every Guy Needs To Know

Guys, this is VERY important!
Ian Anglin October 4th 2017 Science
Once a man gets over fifty years old, it is a good idea to get his prostate checked. The reason is that, according to the WHO, prostate cancer is one of the deadliest cancers that affect males, and early detection makes a big difference in the chances for a successful treatment. It is similar to how breast cancer affects women - it is very frequent and deadly, but has a decent chance to be treated if detected early. This is why there is annual cancer screening for women.
First Symptom - A Frequent Need to Go to the Bathroom
One of the first signs of prostate cancer is the frequent need to urinate -by frequent, we're talking about several times per day, to the rate of once every hour or so. Of course, drinking alcohol or lots of water can also cause this symptom.
Burning Sensation
This is also a leading symptom of early-stage prostate cancer. Do not write off this easily - even if it is not prostate cancer, it can just as easily be a symptom of on the numerous STD's that are becoming more prevalent every year.
Difficulty Urinating
I'm sure this happens to a lot of guys from time to time, but if you are witnessing it daily, it might me time to check it up with your doctor. This is especially true if difficult urination is accompanied with one of the other listed symptoms.
Easily Treatable
Another reason why I'm writing this article for you today is that getting into the habit of annual or bi-annual checkups can drastically increase your odds of fighting this deadly cancer. Do not take this advice lightly.
Don't Misdiagnose Symptoms
Often times guys could be having one or several of the symptoms listed here but may misdiagnose themselves - usually as either an STD or something that happens due to having a heavier than usual amount of drinks that week.
Reduced Flow
No, I'm not talking about pipes or other types of hydraulic systems - I'm talking about a situation in which even though you are not going too frequently to the bathroom, you're still having flow problems. Talk with your doctor if this is happening.
Blood in the Urine
Seeing blood in the urine is enough to alarm almost everyone - you don't need this article to warn you about the dangers of this. Though it is good to mention that blood in the urine may also be a symptom of kidney disease.
Other Diseases That Cause a Burning Sensation
As mentioned above, a burning sensation is one of the leading signs of early prostate cancer. Still, it is worth noting that this can also be caused by several STD's, including Chlamydia and Candida - the last of which is affecting a large part of the young population.
Problems with the Girlfriend?
I'm not talking about problems, like arguing with your girl. No, more specifically - I'm talking about painful ejaculations - in this case, an orgasm that is followed by a long and heavy burning sensation that just doesn't seem to stop.
The Doctor Knows Best
Just as with all other related medical situations, always trust the professional opinion of doctors. Reading up on Wikipedia or YouTube is not enough to qualify you or anyone else on how to remedy a complication like prostate cancer.
Pains in the Bladder
If you are having painful feelings in the bladder from time to time, I shouldn't be the one warning you to talk to your doctor - in many cases, this is the exact first symptom of prostate cancer, or sometimes even worse diseases.
Fragile Bones
If your bones are getting weaker and/or more fragile as time goes by, that is also a symptom that is something is starting to go horribly wrong in your body. Do up your Calcium intake just in case though - lots of people are Calcium deficient these days.
We Haven't Gotten to the Worse Yet
Erectile dysfunction, although normal to happen to almost everyone from time to time (except me - it basically never affects me), can be a rare, minor symptom of prostate cancer. This is especially true if you do not fit in the category of people that are more likely to be affected by ED.
Pain and Numbness in the Hips, Legs, Thighs and Lower Back
Unfortunately, pain and numbness in the areas listed above can also be caused by the systemic problems that keeping a live, growing cancer in your body can cause. Cancer doesn't affect only the organ on which it grows - it affects all other cells.
Random Swelling in the Pelvic Area
This is not a normal thing for healthy, young guys - a random, unexpected swelling in the legs or upper pelvic area, especially if you have not taken a recent fall or another type of physical trauma. If you're over 60 - in that case, it may be normal.


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