These People Having Terrible Days Will Make You Feel Better About Yours

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Ray Porter October 4th 2017 Humor
Sometimes life can get us down, and our day can feel like it is working against us to make us as miserable as possible. What starts as something gone wrong can quickly spiral into bad things happening one after another. We might be inconvenienced, or face loss, or embarrassing. Often, there is only one thing that can make us feel better--laughing at other people! Luckily for you, that's exactly what we are going to here today!
So Close
After a stressful day, all most of us want to do is get home and relax. This person was almost about to that, but unfortunately their day decided to get worse. What an unfortunate way to be locked out of your home!
We all have bad days, sure, but most of us don't have to face the terrifying scenario of having to run for your life from a deadly wild animal. This photo is scary even to look at, and probably wasn't very fun to experience either.
Road Kill
This situation could have been a lot worse, and the driver is lucky that he doesn't seem to have gotten seriously injured. However, he is very unlucky due to the fact that this is a pretty darn unlikely scenario for a motorcyclist to experience!
A Man Runs Into A Bar... Ouch!
Walking into a bar, or a post or a street sign is one thing, but running into one? Yikes. It doesn't help that this guy was in the public eye when it happened, as it must have been both painful and embarrassing.
Casket Arrangements
As if things were not already bad enough, this had to happen. This just sucks, every single thing about this image is terrible. You have to feel bad for both the employees who screwed up here, and the grieving family who are coping with a loss. .
Talk about negligence! These mechanics really, really screwed up one this one. This has to be a terrible day for both the idiot who tried to hoist the car up like this, and the unsuspecting person who thought he could trust his car with these mechanics.
Brick by Brick
This one is kind of similar to the last in that it involves very little, or maybe even no thought at all on the part of the people involved. This mistake is so dumb that it ends up being really funny--although I'm sure they didn't laugh about it at the time!
I Think I Want To Go Home Now!
This one is just terrible. Rollercoasters are supposed to be scary for a short amount of time, not for a suspended duration! These terrified people must have had their fun day at the theme park absolutely ruined. Talk about a bad day!
Caught Between a Door and a Hard Place
I really, really hope someone stopped the bus when this photo was taken. What a painful, terrifying way to get caught! This person was probably just minding their business, when they got their head stuck in the closing doors... somehow.
This image requires a little bit of context, honestly. It'd be great to find out what that context is, because this image is absolutely absurd. Everything about the amount of cacti this guy is covered in, to the amount of police surrounding him make it look like it must have been a pretty bad day.
Need for Speed
On the plus side, this must have looked really cool right before the crash. Unfortunately, the crash must have been terrifying. Let's just hope no one got hurt too badly, and that law enforcement learned their lesson about letting this guy drive on the road!
Comes Right Off!
The road trip these guys were about to embark on was probably cut short at the time when this photo was taken. After all, it is pretty hard to get around when a vital part of your car is missing. It looks like the whole thing must have been pretty cheap if it snapped off like that!
The Wrong Place at the Right Time
Most of us have tried to avoid ruining people's photographs in the past. It can be hard when you're walking through the background or something, and kind of awkward if we find ourselves being the culprit of an unintentional photobomb. This guy took it to the next level!
Spoke Too Soon
This person thought they were off to a great day, but it seems like they spoke a little bit too soon here. That's gotta suck, and I can't imagine what a nightmare it would to clean all of that off of your car. Hopefully the car was a bit old, if this happened in a brand new car it would be cause for tears.
Barrier for Entry
What an unusual, and extremely annoying scenario to have play out. You're right there, about to enter your home. The key is in the door, and there isn't a thing that can stop you now from going to home relax--except, apparently, the other door.


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