15 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is 'The One'

Is he or is he not
Cole Damon January 1st 2018 Lifestyle
Trying to understand the inner workings of your boyfriend's mind is always a hit and miss. You can get lucky and nail his thought process right on the head, or you could misread his cues which can end up backfiring horribly. While there is no certain way to truly "get in your boyfriend's head", here are 15 starting points to help you decide if he really is the one.
He really loves cuddling
He's not just doing it to get inside your pants. The man genuinely likes being around you and to just hold you. To him, every fleeting second spent in absolute close proximity to you is pure bliss. He doesn't want to miss an opportunity to cuddle.
It's fun being around him
Guy knows how to make the best out of even the dullest of moments and situations. You could be doing your assignments or finishing your homework for college, but if he's around, these relatively boring moments will turn into memorable occasions.
He truly knows you inside out
He knows you for you who are. He knows what makes you tick and what gets under your skin. He loves all your habits, both the good ones and the bad ones, even if they serve to cross you.
He never gets angry at you
Even though you deliberately said something hurtful to him and became downright oppressive, he never rebuked you. For him, just being around you is enough to drive away the pain. He may get upset, but never enough to hurt you.
He calls you frequently
He strikes the right balance between showing he truly cares and not coming across as a total creep (even though he's thinking constantly of you). So when he calls you, it doesn't make you feel claustrophobic and trapped.
You have so much in common
You can't have everything in common, but this guy seems to have way too many interests and habits in common with you. This allows you to bond over issues other than just the mutual physical attraction which eventually outlives its novelty.
You get along with each other's families
Your family is the most integral part of your life and tend to get involved with your relationships. A factor which most of us don't take into account. This is a major roadblock towards a long term relationship, but he's maneuvered around it too.
Your best friends love him
Now this is the icing on the cake. Your best friends have your own best interests in and sometimes know you better than you know yourself, so if he gets along with your friends, then he's the one.
He wants you to play video games with him
Despite having been completely immersed in addicting world of video games, he always has an extra room for another player (you) during his busy gaming sessions. In other words, his video games never get in your way.
He watches feminine shows with you
The guy has absolutely no qualms about watching shows which are predominantly made to entertain female audiences. Even though the show might bore the very bejesus out of him, he only uses this as an excuse to spend time with you.
He spends less time with his friends
He seems to spend the majority of his free time with you instead of being in the company of friends. He doesn't mind missing those get together sessions with his other friends. This alone speaks volumes of his commitment to you.
He brings you small gifts
Despite struggling from paycheck to paycheck, he somehow manages to save just enough to buy small gifts for you. It could be a box of chocolates here, a bouquet of roses there. He might have something bigger in the pipeline as well.
He listens to you
The guy listens to everything you say without interruption. He agrees with much of what you say and when he does disagree, does so within the realms of being extra polite, so as not to hurt the relationship or your feelings.
He gently touches you
Even scientists agree that subtly touching someone is a sign of true love. Your boyfriend loves holding hands, wrapping his arms around your waist. But he doesn't get too physical and takes extra precautions to respect your personal space.
He remembers all details about you
The guy writes down all trivial things about you. Your favorite TV show, your favorite books and even your favorite color. Whenever he goes for a cup of coffee, he takes his time to ask if he you need one too.


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