15 Images Of People Having A Worse Day Than You Are

Having a bad day is really an embarrassing thing. And these people know it well. Look at these people who came to be the unluckiest ones but made us laugh.
Charlie Blacks II October 3rd 2017 Humor
If you haven't been coddled or living under a rock your entire life you'd know that life isn't fair. Some of us are blessed with explainable talents, discipline, or a physique some would kill for but, sometimes things don't always go as planned and you end up having one of the worst days of our lives despite doing everything perfectly. And that's ok. You need these negative events to occur in order to establish balance within the universe and test your will. No matter what you're going through, you have the ability to fall, get up, dust yourself off, and keep going. With that being said, check out these fifteen images of people having worse days than you.
Put 'Em In A Coffin
Alright, we don't know who's having the worst day ever, the driver/transporter of what appears to be an updated hearse, the family following the hearse to the burial plot, or the person who's no longer alive in the coffin. We'll go with option C being that they are dead and all.
Welp, There Goes The Ladder
This is exactly why you need additional hands on deck when working on a roof and mainly for this reason. Luckily, with the existence of this photo, the person stuck on the roof had access to their cell phone but, there's no telling how long they were stranded out there. Hopefully, he or she has nice and considerate neighbors to help them out of this jam.
Cheffin' It Up
We weren't all blessed with the majestic cooking gene of Salt Bae but, we can admit that throwing a frozen pizza in the oven should be a rather easy task without ruining it. This burnt to a crisp pizza is a victim of pure negligence and the clear culprit is the person who was supposed to be monitoring the meal.
Dump Truck
For those of you who are unaware and think garbage men are at the bottom of the totem pole in regards to city jobs, guess again. They have the best hours, increasingly handsome salaries, and benefits some would kill for. Unfortunately, for this particular garbage man, today's just not his day and looks down at a road full of debris in disappointment.
Gas Station Forgetfulness
We've all been in a hurry at the gas station whether we were running late to work or preoccupied trying to carry our coffee, Pringles, and yogurt covered pretzels in between pumping gas that we've gotten forgetful while fueling up. Unfortunately, whoever's the owner of this truck, they took things to the next level and took the entire pump with them to their next destination without a care in the world.
The Spaghetti Sauce Massacre
Like we mentioned before, not all of us are the greatest when it comes to throwing it down in the kitchen but, this lady literally threw it down when it came to her large pot of spaghetti sauce. Her body language reads defeat while her cat is indulging in a free meal.
Every Beer Drinker's Worst Nightmare
This is every beer drinker's worst nightmare in one photo but, what we want to know is how this could possibly happen and what type of domino effect occurred for this many crates of beer to come flying out of the back of the truck. Well, whoever was loading and driving these bad boys to their destination is definitely at the unemployment office now.
Office Space
Can you imagine have a stressful and drowning workload at the office only to take a short break, reach the lid of your Coke only to notice there's no pull tab to open the soda? Frustrating beyond belief but, hopefully, you guys have developed some engineering skills during your paths and would improvise in order to successfully get the can open before going on a workplace rampage.
The Dog Walker
Any dog owner would tell you that sometimes walking your four-legged friend isn't always the easiest of tasks, especially if you're the owner of a substantially large canine. Well, this guy had to learn the hard way, he can either try to force one of the dogs to come around the other direction or let go of one or both dogs and wish them luck. Either way, these dogs are walking him rather than vice versa.
Peanut Butter & Suds Sandwich
Alright, there are multiple offenses in this particular image. First and foremost, why was this person so close to the edge of the sink while making their sandwich, it looks like there's a lot of counter/real estate to work within the picture. Secondly, who toasts a peanut butter sandwich?! Weirdos...
Well That Didn't Go As Planned
Whether this young lady is escaping a horrific prom night or skipped out on a wedding or was left at the altar, no one in a formal dress of this caliber should be left to ride on public transit by themselves in tears. Whatever the case may be, this is hilariously sad and probably made everyone around her extremely uncomfortable.
The Milk Carton
We think we've all shared a similar struggle when it comes to protective sealing on liquid caps like these ones. Majority of the time, if you're able to keep your cool and find an alternative way to open the container, you deserve an award for extreme patience. If you're just not in the mood, this could result in a thrown milk carton. The choice is really yours at the end of the day.
Car Doors
Honestly, the traditional way of unlocking your car by inserting your key into the door is a thing of the past, which is why this particular image perplexes us. They appear to have a rather updated BMW key but, chose to open the door to the car manually, stripping the entire lock out of the door. This is nothing but, pure bad luck.
Eggs Anyone
Eggs are definitely one of the most fragile foods and ingredients known to man, which is why we're always warned where they are at when leaving the grocery store. Whoever snapped this candid appears to be on the hunt for a midnight snack but, instead was left with a goopy mess. Also, this is an unusual amount of eggs to brake at one time as well.
Where's The Butter?
Photos of fat kids getting stuck in the swings at the park are always hilarious but, hot girls getting their heads stuck in between public transit structure pole has to be just as funny. People underestimate the size of their heads but, we're sure she'll never be attempting this again with the amount of embarrassment she'll face by the masses during their commute.


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