15 Celebrity Mansions That You Need To See To Believe

Mesmerizing piece of architect.
Cole Damon October 3rd 2017 Entertainment
Celebrities have some of the most lavish lifestyles imaginable. All that money has to go somewhere right? Well, for the average celebrity, it could go into fancy cars, expensive clothing, and of course, the odd mansion, or half a dozen! Here you will see some of the most outrageous and gorgeous celebrity mansions, and marvel at the revelation of what big money can buy. Just try not to get too envious and you'll be fine!
The Celebrity Lifestyle
One cannot blame celebrities for living the high life. After all, this is what gets them noticed, and the more they are noticed, the more they are cast, in better productions. Lavish residences come with the territory of celeb-hood.
Kylie Jenner
This young girl pretty much has the world at her feet, and threatens to be the next Kim Kardashian, a feat she is already well on her way towards accomplishing. Her homes, of which there are several, include a $12 million mansion.
Brangelina Mansion
When Hollywood's ultimate power couple was still together, they had quite the high life, with a few mansions here and there. Following is one of their former residences. Which of the two now owns this pad, is not known.
Beyonce and Jay Z
This is another power couple that fortunately has not yet called it quits. And they certainly know how to live like monarchs, complete with luxurious residences with plenty of space and all the amenities that one requires.
Tom Cruise
Honestly, we would be offended if this A-lister did not have a house to behold! Tom Cruise is arguably one of the biggest stars to come out of the industry, and his place of residence certainly bears witness to that.
Sean Connery
The very first Bond, and a classy star altogether, Sean Connery lives in one of the most naturally gorgeous places in the world; the Bahamas. His mansion over there is equally beautiful, with incredible views of Mother Nature all around.
Jennifer Lawrence
Talk about an affinity for nature! Jennifer Lawrence, the megastar of the current generation, does not own the biggest house in the list. No, far from it. It might, however, be the coziest and the most homely of all celebrity houses!
Donald Trump
Alright, we know, he's not really a celebrity in every sense of the word. However, he has been in the public eye for most of his professional life, and the money, as well as the mansion, speaks for itself here.
Tiger Woods
This former champion of the game of kings has had a bit of bad luck in recent years. However, his fortunes, as well as his net worth still hold, and so do the walls of his incredible mansion. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!
Meryl Streep
When you are the undisputed queen of the big screen, fame and fortune are sure to follow. And they certainly did for Meryl Streep, who owns this beautiful contemporary mansion. Just as classy as her entire act, this place is incredible.
Bill Gates
This man is sure to be discussed wherever big money is talked of. He is the richest man in the world, and had a massive fortune at a time when many of the people on this list were just coming up.
Mariah Carey
While she may not be in the spotlight as much as Beyonce, it does not mean that she doesn't have massive fortunes of herself. Her house, which is built like a modern chateau, is nothing short of spellbinding.
Ellen Degeneres
Ellen is one of those people who you just expect to have a big house and plenty of nice things, being a famous talk show host and all. Her house certainly does not disappoint, as it is breathtaking.
Reese Witherspoon
She has made quite the name for herself in the acting bizz, and she has the house to show for it. Reese Witherspoon has a residence that is described as surprisingly amazing, and it is not difficult to see why.
Kim and Kanye
No list of mansions would be complete without a mention of Kim and Kanye, the most famous couple in existence. Their fame may or may not be well deserved, but their net worth is nothing short of jaw-dropping!


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