15 Photos of People Who Were Caught Totally Red-Handed

What is that?!
Ray Porter October 3rd 2017 Humor
Getting caught red handed can be an extremely embarrassing thing for any of us to experience. We're all guilty of something at some point in our lives, or have a secret we don't want anyone to find out about, or we would feel pretty darn caught out. Luckily, since it isn't us in these images, we are able to laugh at the expense of others. Here are the best examples!
Mr. President
In this hilarious photograph, it would seem that former U.S. president Barack Obama has caught a kid sleeping during one of his speeches! This will in no doubt make for a hilarious memory for the kid when he grows up!
Ignorance is bliss...
Here, an ignorant comment from someone on Facebook has getting them caught red handed, maybe even in the closet. This guy's ignorant comment is made hilariosu by the reply, which was sure to embarrass him throughout his circle of friends!
Kinder Surprise
Here, there isn't a toy inside of these eggs. Instead, drugs are being placed inside of the chocolate in order to conceal them. From the looks of this photograph, however, it would seem that these people have been caught red handed.
This image shows two people, one of which happens to be peeping on the other. As you can by the series of photos, it gets pretty awkward after he realizes that she saw him looking. You can bet there was a long period of silence after this!
Called Out
This woman wasn't caught red handed as much as she was called out for what is most likely a lie. Unless she put on her makeup while she slept, it seems kind of unlikely that her makeup would stay intact until the morning.
Law Enforcement
Sometimes those who enforce the rules break them themselves from time to time. This hilarious caught a police officer committing public urination. He thinks he is being sly, and you can tell he has no idea that someone is taking a photograph of him from up above.
A White Lie
This little lie involves a husband telling his wife that he would clean up the house as promised while she was away. Out of laziness, he decides to hire a maid to do the cleaning for him so he can still get the benefits. Unfortunately, he forgot to double check for any watermarks.
It is probably some pretty bad parenting to take your child to Hooters. Regardless, this little fella's natural curiosity got the better of him, and he is caught on camera looking somewhere he probably shouldn't. This is going to make for an embarrassing photograph when he's older!
An Affair to Remember
In this quintessential example of someone being caught red handed, this guy is caught out to lunch with a woman who just so happens to not be his girlfriend. Their faces scream guilt, and that guilt is forever immortalized by this photo.
This one is a little hard to read and has an extra element of cringe to it. It is unclear why this 'Lucy' character is lying to her significant other about her whereabouts, but the reason almost certainly isn't good news for their relationship.
Caught Catfishing
It could not be more obvious that this guy is pretending to look like someone who is not him. For starters, the two people here look absolutely nothing alike! Who does he think he'll be able to fool with this terrible catfishing tactic?
I Sure Hope Someone Got Fired For That Blunder
There are few things stupider than posting something that might get you in trouble at work, on social media. Here, these guys made the dumb mistake of forgetting that hey have their boss added on Facebook, and that he can view all of their posts. Busted!
In Two Places at the Same Time
Hilariously enough, this photo happens to capture a promotional image of a guy being 'arrested' by the police, and the guy from the promotional image roaming free in the real world! This perfectly orchestrated image is both simple, and an extremely funny example of someone being caught "red handed."
Inappropriate Material
This little fella seems to be getting up to some inappropriate things online. This pug could not look more guilty in this image, which is what really makes the entire thing so funny to look at. He definitely has the face of someone who was caught in the act!
Caught Creepin'
This guy appears to be using his camera for all the wrong reasons in this image! Ironically, he himself was captured on camera, and caught red handed as a result. This photo is pretty embarrassing, especially when you consider how viral it went.


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