15 Parents Who Totally Embarrassed Their Kids

So inappropriate.
Cole Damon October 3rd 2017 Humor
Yeah, everyone knows parents can be somewhat embarrassing. It's basically a rite of passage for parents to embarrass their kids. Sometimes they're just trying to be funny or silly. At other times, they might have an overbearing attitude that causes you to feel shame in front of their friends. Whatever the reason, kids expect their parents to be somewhat embarrassing. However, sometimes, parents can pretty much cross every limit there is. Let's have a look at some parents who did just that.
This is one way to make sure someone never calls you back
Yikes. Talk about taking it too far. And during a date too! Of course, parents will tend to appear more embarrassing when you're trying to impress a date, but some things are just too much for anyone to handle.
Damn you, dad
Parents know how just how much the facts of life can embarrass their kids to shame. That's why they'll try to freak you out with this kind of thing as much as possible. This simply takes the cake though.
This is just downright cold
Sheesh, Mom and Dad, it's OK to embarrass the kid, but this burn is just way too harsh! Bonus points if they did this in front of the kid's friends. Some lines are never meant to be crossed you know.
Mom likes to take things to the next level
Right out in the open where everyone could see her! This mom had no qualms whatsoever, and her poor kid gets to wish the earth would swallow them whole. Why, Mom, why? Have you no empathy for your own child?
Just the story your friends always wanted to hear
Not the facts of life again! This is something the kids are never going to live down. Every time they see their friends, they're going to remember everything their parents said to them. And the pain of the embarrassment will live on well into their adulthood.
Moms and their timing have never been ideal
Knowing embarrassing parents, this mom definitely did the dance at a parent-teacher conference. Or at her kid's birthday party. Or right before a first date. You get the picture. Will she ever learn what a constant pain in the butt she really is?
Well mom, if you got it: flaunt it.
If there's one thing that kid's going to be learning, it's total confidence in their self. Too bad they had to go through a childhood of embarrassment to get there, but the sooner they learn to be true to themselves, the better.
There's a time and a place, dad
Eww. There are the dads who cement themselves into the hall of fame as the cool guys who let you have a drink at their place, and then there are the ones like these. Boundaries, man, boundaries - never forget them.
Because of course he did
Ugh, dads are the absolute worst. And you just know he pulled this particular prank in a crowded elevator more than once. You just know it. Grow up man, you're old enough to be someone's grandfather, it's not funny to fart in elevators.
Hey, maybe they thought you'd be like, extra hungry
A cooler full of sandwiches and water? You just know that kid is going to be sniggered at during the picnic. Well, at least all the other kids will forget their sniggering once they realize they're hungry after their snacks too.
How wrong could a Chick-Fil-A sandwich possibly be?
This kid must have gotten great at pretending to be asleep at the table while the poor waiters were fielding the mom's impossible requests. Some people enjoy making life difficult for others. Ah well, maybe they're likelier to treat servers better?
That feeling when your dad is the coach
At least that's better than your dad giving you special treatment as coach. That would really have sunk your reputation among your friends and peers. It was so painful though! Here's the deal fathers, your child is not a professional soccer player, they're still learning - so be nice to them!
This dad who greeted his kid's friends like this
The Dadmeister strikes again! Is he a bird, a plane, or Superman? No he's just a regular old dad with the regular old superpower of being just super embarrassing to have around. But Superman has red undies, not white, so wardrobe malfunction?
This mom who tried to casually text "on fleek" to her daughter
As soon as your parents start using your teen slang to relate to you, it stops being cool to talk the way you usually do. Now you'll have to learn some other lingo to feel different that your parents. Damn it all!
This dad who altered his tattoo before chaperoning his kid's field trip
So this dad decided he would cover up the breasts of a woman on his tattoo with, well ink. Least to say it looks a little awkward. But well. At least it's kid-friendly. We wonder what Hollywood's censor boards might think of this 'cover up'.


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