15 Illustrations That Accurately Depict Life Then And Now

This is actually sad and scary.
Charlie Blacks II October 2nd 2017 Humor
As we've all come to the inevitable conclusion throughout our time being here on earth, we've all learned that things change. We change, our views and ideas develop and change, and how we perceive things changes over the years as well. What once used to make us happy, no longer provides that same joyous sensation and what we once thought didn't cater to our palette has since then morphed into something totally different as well. Some of us embrace the change, while others struggle with it. Hopefully, these fifteen images will help you embrace the differences of then and now. Embrace the change, and check out the inevitable change for yourself below.
Mickey D's
As a youth growing up, a lot of us experienced the monumental occasional McDonald's visit that sent us into an excited frenzy but, as a lot of us grew older we realized that what we're getting from the fast food conglomerate isn't as great as it seems. Some of us grew more conscious of our health and eating habits while others may have realized that what McDonald's produces is cheap product and really holds nothing as value. Your eating habits differ from then and now.
Vacation Pics
Technological advancements have surpassed a lot of what we could have imagined since being a youth. At one point in time, during vacations, we were forced to use disposable cameras and Polaroids to snap our candids but now, the tables have turned and we can share the images we see with everyone we know almost instantly. This new age of documenting everything has taken away from real life experiences and watered down even some of the most precious moments in our lives.
The All-Nighter
Throughout life the task and reasoning behind pulling an all-nighter drastically changes. As a youth, staying up all night meant binging on candy and junk food alongside binge watching our favorite Blockbuster movies in the comfort of our parent's home. As we've gotten older, pulling an all-nighter is a necessity to either make ends meet by taking an overnight shift or job or crashing the books for a collegiate mid-term exam.
Unlocked Vs. Paid For
The video game industry has ingeniously curated a way to produce more revenue by requiring video game enthusiasts and players to pay for exclusive characters and levels rather than embedding the same exclusive features in the natural gameplay for people to figure out for themselves. This is excellent marketing and a smart idea to continue to their revenue stream but takes away the nostalgic feel of video gameplay that no longer exists today.
The Slim Flip-Flop
No image reads truer than this one. Back in the '80s and '90s, you could expect for your television to weigh about 150lbs with an awkward fat, elongated back attached to the back of the screen. These days you can expect to find an extremely slender and lightweight flat screen television alongside an extremely heavy fat guy with an elongated back attached to his backside. Quite backwards if you ask us.
Texting Vs. Calling
Nowadays, our phones have the capabilities to do everything from taking pictures to paying bills to watching the latest episode of Narcos on Netflix. The cellular phone has transformed into a virtual Swiss army knife. At one point in time, people actually used their personal lines to actually call other human beings, sounds crazy right? Now, people choose the insincere method of texting before calling someone if they want to communicate.
The Computer
At one point in time, the computer was good for nothing except for playing Oregon Trail and seeing what the hell was on those unlabeled floppy disks scattered throughout the computer table drawers now, you can do anything with a standing tower computer or a basic laptop. Want to listen to music, watch a movie, or catch up on the news? Turn on your computer.
The Agonizing Death Of Physical Activity
This could be the saddest of them all... The death of physical activity. Think about it, how many kids do you see playing outside in your neighborhood these days in comparison to when you were growing up? With the advancement of gaming, more children prefer to stay at home and play Fifa rather than become the Fifa player they admire in reality. Truly disheartening and sad if you ask us.
The Unspoken Dress Code
Let's face it... We all know that societal standards have changed drastically over the past two decades in regards to the way women dress. In no way, shape, or form are we shaming anyone for their personal fashion statement and choices but, you can admit that a lot more is revealed than left a mystery these days. We're all for a form-fitting dress but can we leave the fishnet dresses and nipple tassels of today in the past? Please.
Work Out Routine
For some strange reason, being fit and working out has become more of a fad and popular culture exert rather than an attempt to prolong one's life. In the past, we'd hit the gym, hit the showers, and return to the comfort of our own homes without a soul knowing. Now, a multitude of selfies and soundtracks have to be present so we can be 'seen' by the world 'being healthy'. Attention seeking is at an all-time high.
How Sharing Has Changed
As children, we were taught that sharing is caring and we should do our best to help others as much as possible so that we can move forward as a people. Now, sharing, especially the sharing of anything that could be potentially profitable, is illegal. The thing is I don't know a single citizen on earth who hasn't shared their Netflix account information with a friend, significant other, or family member before. Let's keep sharing though guys.
16 & Pregnant
Once again, we're not here to shame anyone for their life choices but, it wasn't too long ago that it wasn't a societal norm to be sixteen and pregnant. Somehow, over the course of time what was once, Music Television thought it would be a good idea to document the lives of pregnant teenagers and somehow normalized this type of behavior without intentionally trying to do so. At least we hope so...
The Doctor's Office Visit
As a youth, most of us feared going to the doctor's office for regular check-ups because of the possibility of a huge needle being rammed into our arms. Nowadays as we've grown over the years medical expenses are the largest fear of adults especially with the United States healthcare system crumbling right before our eyes. It's a scary sight.
When we're younger, we'd prefer the company and joyous occasion of having an actual birthday party with friends and family in attendance. As technology has advanced and we've gotten older, birthdays have become a popularity contest on who can get the most birthday likes and comments via our social media platforms. In more ways than one, these new age moments are more lonesome than ever.
At one point in time, it was valued to be a man's man, be chivalrous, and be a provider. Nowadays, we broadcast and worship some of the worst beings on the planet from the unfaithful men of reality television to our current Head of State in Donald Trump. Small men have become the majority in society and we're hoping to raise a generation that reverses this current fad. Minus the accepted domestic violence of the past of course.


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