15 Toxic Habits That Push Guys Away And End Your Relationship

This might be why he stopped calling you.
Gigi Cummings October 2nd 2017 Lifestyle
Women want to be in a loving committed relationship and often they feel like men don't want to commit and can't do anything right to be in one. But the truth is most men do want to be in a secure committed relationship, and they want to play games even less than women do. If you can put your differences aside, then there are many things that men and women can bring to the table to create a long lasting relationship. But sometimes women let their insecurities get the best of them and can push men away.
Honesty And Trust
Don't assume that your man is doing something wrong before you have any evidence that he actually is. While he might not be communicating exactly how you want him too, or he may be spending more time on his phone than normal, it doesn't mean he is being dishonest.
Female Friends
Just because he has female friends does not mean he is going to cheat on you or leave you for someone else. Him having good female friends means that he appreciates women for more than sex objects and respects them in all ways.
Expectations Of Perfection
He is not perfect and neither are you. But thats what you should love about each other, you both bring out the best in each other and don't make the other person feel less than. Don't expect him to be perfect and you won't feel let down.
Don't Make Everything A Competition
A little competition in a relationship can be fun and entertaining. But making everything a competition to the point where you start to resent each other and feel like you can't do anything right can be detrimental to your relationship.
Give Him Some Space
Don't assume that he is going to run off and leave you or cheat on you at any moment, smothering your man with texts and wondering what he is doing is going to make him feel like he can't be himself and doesn't have his own life.
Don't Argue In Public
Not only is arguing in public uncomfortable for everyone around you, but it is embarrassing for both of you to watch you go back and forth without any consciousness of the other persons feelings. Find an appropriate time and place to discuss your issues.
Do Not Talk Behind Each Others Backs
Sometimes you need to vent to your girlfriends about things going on in your life, and sometimes it involves your guy. But have enough respect not to constantly trash talk your man in front of your friends all the time and talk to him if you have a problem.
Order Your Own Food Like An Adult
Maybe it was cute at first when you would sneak fries from him when he wasn't looking on your first date, but ordering just a salad and then sitting for the whole meal stealing his food is going to get on his nerves fast. Grow up and get your own burger.
Stop Always Making Him Late
It's great that you want to look all dolled up for a night out with your guy. But set aside the appropriate amount of time to get ready before hand so that you don't leave him sitting around for an extra hour waiting for you and potentially missing your reservation.
Using Sex As Manipulation
Sex should be an intimate act between the two of you that brings you both together in passion and in love. Once you start to use sex as a manipulation tool to get things you want from your man, he will start to resent you and push you away.
Put The Phone Down
When the two of you are out spending time together, keep your phone in your purse while you two are making memories, You don't need to be always connected to the world while you are trying to make memories with your man.
Don't Hold Grudges
If when you guys fight your man worries that you are going to hold things over his head for who knows how long, he won't want to spend time with you or want to apologize. If you two have an argument, let it go and move on, truly.
He Can't Read Your Mind
Unless you are dating some incredibly skillful medium, he won't know what you are thinking unless you tell him. Use your words and communicate what you are feeling with him because he wants to know what is going on in your mind.
Let Him Compliment You
I know we all want to be humble and not be too conceited, but accepting a genuine complement especially from your guy is going to make you both feel good. If you wave it away he won't want to keep saying nice things to you.
Not Everything Has To Go As Planned
You love to make plans with your sweetheart and you want everything to be perfect, but if it isn't exactly how you hoped it would be, don't ruin it all by complaining and being upset. Go with the flow and enjoy the moment as it is.


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