This Pregnant Woman's Photo Is All Normal Until You Look Closer

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Cole Damon October 2nd 2017 Weird
So here's beautiful picture of a woman having the time of her life strolling on the beach and smiling to the camera. She's nine months pregnant but strong enough to brave the tumultuous weathers of the coastline. When the husband was snapping his wife's picture against the background of the beautiful ocean, he never expected THIS to happen! It's like one of those extremely rare occasions when everything goes perfectly, this picture is an example.
Take pictures, leave only footprints
This is the motto for most tourists and vacationers. They all love taking pictures of themselves against the backdrop of beautiful sunsets, mountains and other local flora and fauna. And this husband and wife duo are no exception.
But the most beautiful thing happened in ONE frame
One usually needs to have their camcorders ready to record perfect moments and then take a snapshot of them in a video editor. But for this couple, perfection happened in a split second, and when they least expected it.
The best photobomb ever!
A dolphin jumped out of the water, performing one of its signature moves called the spinner. All of this was captured in one single frame, completely unscripted and unphotoshopped. The dolphin practically photobombed its way into the couple's life as well as the internet's social circles.
Dolphins are the talk of the hour
Dolphins are perhaps the second most intelligent creatures on earth, human beings take the first position - or do they? Sure we've managed to build large skyscrapers and have flown to the moon and back, but can we say that we made the world a better place?
Dolphins could be smarter than the humans!
Perhaps dolphins are smarter than us and choose to remain underneath the ocean. See how well developed its brain is compared to ours? Dolphins have larger brains and more wrinkles than human brains. In fact, a 2006 study showed that dolphins actually have names for themselves which they can store in their brain for years!
They are extremely humble animals
Despite their hulking size and powerful presence, dolphins are extremely kind to humans and can easily bond with them. They're often seen circling around their human owners, playing with them and performing tricks for them which they're well known for.
Dolphins are known to interact with dogs as well!
In fact there have been documented cases of dolphins regularly interacting with dogs, cats and other animals in the most friendliest of terms. This picture actually shows a dog hitching a ride on the back of a dolphin, what a cute sight.
Beautiful tricks and even more beautiful animals
We don't know if the dolphins are aware of what their awesome tricks can do to us. We're mesmerized and charmed by their amazing athletic ability to maneuver around the ocean. It makes our jaw drop in awe and amazement.
Trapping dolphins in aquariums
These majestic creatures are known to swim for hundreds of miles in given day searching for food and having fun entertaining both man and other habitat. It is unfair to trap them within the confines of an aquarium - a glorified swimming pool which is only a tiny fraction of the size of the ocean.
Global warming
Climate change and global warming is making life hard for our dolphin friends and the rest of their aquatic buddies. We will have to stop destroying the ocean before dolphins start going extinct. Humans have already wiped out so many species from existence, such as the Dodo.
We litter the ocean like it's no tomorrow
We spill millions of tons of plastic and garbage into the ocean which eventually makes its way into their bellies. We need to control our urge to spill waste into the ocean. Oceans are not garbage bins which are designed to dispose of your garbage. In fact it can take thousands of years before plastic waste can be decomposed to its constituents.
Imagine someone threw their garbage on your door
Or indeed in your home. No one likes it when someone dumps their trash onto your doorstep, our likely reaction is to fight off the intruder and prevent further garbage spills into our homes. But the poor animals cannot fight back and so we continue bullying them!
Other creatures are taking the worst of it
When whales get beached up on the coastline, scientists find dozens of plastic bags and other rubbish within the confines of their bellies. We assume all that trash disappears into thin air once it makes its way inside the ocean.
All that plastic and garbage ends up destroying the aquatic environment and the ocean ecosystems. IF we can't help them flourish, we shouldn't destroy them either! We should start taking responsibility for our actions and take steps to mitigate as much waste as possible.
Here are a few novel steps
Start by recycling waste, biking to work and using biodegradable shopping bags. We all have a part to play in making the ocean a better place for dolphins and other cute oceanic animals! So take responsibility for your actions and save the planet.


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