15 Incredible Couple Transformations That You Must See

It was love at first sight for many of these....
Ian Anglin October 2nd 2017 Lifestyle
Couples and love are an amazing gift in life. It is probably the most important thing that makes life worth living (okay, okay, so is having meaningful work and lots of money, but still), and what follows is an assorted list of fifteen amazing couple transformations. Some have been together since an early age, others have changed physically so much that is hard to recognize them. The only thing that stayed the same? They stayed together.
Fifteen Years Together
These kids stayed together for fifteen years, and just look what a difference that makes - you wouldn't recognize these two as the same people on the street, yet they still stayed together. Congratulations to them!
They Have not Changed a Bit!
This couple also stayed together for fifteen years, and have also witnessed a dramatic transformation in the way they look. It is interesting to note how they didn't change their choice of clothes though - some things just never change.
Seven Years Together
These two were slightly more mature than the others when they first started out, but the transformation has still been pretty amazing, despite the shorter time difference (seven years instead of fifteen).
Beach Lovers
Fourteen years together and still loving the beach! It has always amazing me how certain hobbies and interests we have when we are young, stay with us throughout our lives. I was personally an avid MX (motocross) fan, and even recently bought my first 250cc enduro bike, so yeah, keep living for your childhood dreams.
Ten Years Together and Stronger Than Ever
These two, while not featuring the same type of transformation as the others, are still just as inspiring, if not for the fact that they stayed together for all this time. Early relationships are notoriously difficult to maintain due to all the hormonal changes and growing up.
Marrying Your Childhood Love
Everyone has had their childhood love, but few manage to earn their love, trust, and interest in order to marry them. Messi (a famous soccer player in Europe) was one such success story, and we can all learn from it - be bold, and never give up for the girl of your dreams.
High School Love
If you can manage to hold on to your high school love, do it, as the moment you will have together will be worth so much. This guy knew his high school girlfriend loved the beach and took her there once they got married - impressive.
What Nine Years Will do to You
This chap over here had a relationship goal - stay with his high school girlfriend, and end up being together in a serious relationship. Suffice to say, he managed his goal and they are now happily together.
Minor Difference but Amazing Results
This couple has stayed together for a mere five years - which is basically the honey-moon phase if we judge from the time-spans the other couples on this list are going for. They started out early, so they do not look similar to their old selves at all!
Fifteen Years Together like Champs
They started out when they could barely walk, and are now a few years before getting their first jobs. Quite an accomplishment I must say - hopefully, we can see some more photos of them once they get married.
What 100lbs of Weight Loss Does to You
To change things up a bit, I've decided to add in some weight transformations to the list. Here's a couple that probably lost over a 100lbs (each - not combined!) and basically a completely different couple. It is not just the way they look, I'm sure their health and sex life are vastly improved.
Team Six Pack
These two were not unhealthy or fat, to begin with, but still decided to take the next step and achieve that Hollywood body that everyone strives for. Congrats to them, as even a 15lbs weight loss, can have such a dramatic, transpiring effect on one's life.
It's Time to Slim Down
Continuing with our amazing list of transformations, here's another couple set to rival Team Six Pack - it goes to prove my point that even minor weight loss is very important. In fact, it is much easier to slim down when you are not yet obese, so, don't wait to get in shape.
Losing an Adult Worth of Weight
While looking for the specs on this weight loss, the total combined difference was not noted, but I can imagine it is AT LEAST an adult worth of weight - so let's say at least 175 lbs. Hope this motivates people into taking action.
Sometimes Too Much Is Not Good
Yeah, do not be like this guy - too much of everything is bad for you. Just like sugar and a high-carb intake, having such an abysmal body fat level and high amount of muscle can only put a strain on your heart and blood vessels. Not recommended.


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