Hilariously Romantic Texts From People Winning At Relationships

Emily Malone October 2nd 2017 Humor
Being in a happy healthy relationship is one of the best parts of life. Having a person that you can always count on and will be there for you is comforting, and part of what life is all about. When you can't be around the one you love texting can be the easiest form of communication, and some people just straight up rock at it. Here are 15 different text strands from, as far as we can tell, some of the cutest couples ever to get phone plans.
Getting It Started Right
This couple is apparently just getting started, but right from the get go you can tell they are going to do well. The guy texting this girl is so sweet and is willing to give love a chance even if they have obstacles to overcome, you can already tell this relationship is going to go great.
Love Via Food
The old saying goes 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach' and that is probably true, but it doesn't just apply to men! A easy way to get your girl up and happy can be food as well. We don't know who in this couple decided to get food, but we do know that this sounds like a great idea.
Chipotle Is The Key To Everyone's Heart
Everyone likes food, but everyone loves Chipotle. One of the most popular food chains around the world Chipotle is a classic go to fast food that has options for everyone. It sounds like one of these two doesn't love chipotle, which is crazy, but they are willing to go anyway because they love their partner, what a win!
Snuggles For The Win
Sometimes being away from your partner is hard, which is when texting becomes helpful in a relationship. This person is using texting to send this sweet message to their partner to let them know how much they miss them.
Feels Like A Higher Power
Some people are so happy when they find their partner that they feel like a higher power was involved in bringing them together. The bond between two partners is always unique and it's great that these two are recognizing how special that is.
Play Forts For Real Life Fun
Something that we all need to remember sometimes is that being kids as adults can be healthy. Doing goofy things like building blanket forts can be the perfect way to bring that youthful spirit into your relationship. Sounds like this guy has got his priorities in order.
Love Her When She's Feeling Down
Part of a healthy relationship is loving each other even when you aren't feeling great. Women often feel their worst when they are on their period and this accidental text could have lead to an awkward situation but thankfully this boyfriend gets it and is there for her.
Focusing On What Is Important
This girl was feeling a bit self conscious but her boyfriend managed to change the topic really quick. Dwelling on what has got you down is never worth the time, it's better to redirect your energy to what this guy chose to focus on... cookies.
Things You Only Share With Each Other
Having a great partner can bring out the best in you, in ways that normal people just can't. This adorable couple seems to do just that, next time you are with the one you love see if there is anything you can do to give them that special smile.
The Person You Want To Be With Most
When you really love your partner, especially in the early stages of puppy love in a relationship, every activity seems like it would be better with your partner by your side. This cute couple is going back and forth with all of the things they would like to be with each other for.
Mean What You Say
With phones and computers making it possible to stay in almost constant contact with your partner, it can be easy to start oversharing. This constant communication can make what you say a little less significant, but not for this guy who saves it for when he really means it.
Even Sleep Can Seem Like A Distraction
A good night's sleep is the best way to start any day. But when you are in love it can seem like even this vital need is a distraction, especially for the person sending these messages. Some people might be irritated if their partner woke them up, but luckily for these two they both want to put each other first.
The Type Of Mood Only You Two Get
Many people would have gotten lost in this texting conversation but these two know what the other is thinking. It looks like the person in blue might have made a big mistake, but they know all of the things they have to do to cheer their partner back up.
Someone Who Will Pick You Up When You're Down
It looks like the person who took this screenshot, and wasn't even sure that they were worth their partners time. However, their partner wasn't phased at all and was there to reassure them that they are loved no matter what.
Finally, The Moment When You Know They're The One
People always say 'When you know, you know' in regards to finding the perfect person for you. The little things make a world of difference and goofy little gestures like taking time out of activities you love for the person you love can mean the world.


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