Say Goodbye To Your Boring Eyebrows With This Hot New Trend

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Emily Malone October 2nd 2017 Lifestyle
Eyebrows are an important part of any makeup look, their shape makes a huge difference to overall face shape. It seems like every week there is a new makeup trend going viral on Instagram, and the latest of these is Negative Space Eyebrows. This is a way of covering up the original shape of someone's eyebrows and darkening the surrounding area to create a new brow with an inverted look. These wildly popular brows have taken over media but will they continue to grow as a trend?
Eyebrows Over The Years
Since the early 1900s when makeup first began to be mass marketed for women's beauty, eyebrows have been one of the biggest part of any finished look. There are many different ways brows can be shaped as seen in this chart of brow looks. Different people have different preferences but sometimes there is one particular trend that becomes popular in the mainstream.
The Latest Thing, Negative Space Brows
The opposite of the currently prevalent 'big brow' trend known for emphasizing and darkening brows, this negative brow trend turns brows totally white. By inverting the brow, lightening the brow and darkening the skin around it, a defined brow look is achieved in the most unusual way possible.
Also Called "Anti Brows"
Understandably this trend is also referred to as anti-brows. Because the eyebrows are completely erased and instead the area around the brow is emphasized it is the opposite of the usual brow focused trends for eyebrows.
Lots Of Personalized Variations
Like with most makeup this type of eyebrow look allows for a lot of individual personalization. This might be why this trend is in particular popular with extremely creative makeup artists because it allows for more talent and creativity to be expressed then just by slightly changing the shape of brows, as most people do.
Not A Total First In Beauty Trends
Many would be surprised to know that there is a group of people that has been foundation-ing over their eyebrows for years... Drag queens! These queens cover their original brow shape to pencil in new, more theatrical brows to suit their stage looks.
One Of Many Ways Negative Space Is Used
Lately negative space has been on the rise in many different variations within the makeup world. This trend is so popular because it allows for so much definition. The sharp lines and contrast make the looks very distinct and highlight features more clearly.
Eyeshadow Negative Space On The Rise As Well
Eyeshadow also has it's place in the negative space trend. Different talented makeup artists, or MUA, have been using this cool trend to test new looks, sometimes even pairing it with other negative space trends on the face at the same time.
How to Create Negative Space
One of the most popular looks within the negative space eyeshadow look is having the imprint of a shape left negative within otherwise colored in eyeshadow. To do this makeup artist's put a small sticker on the eyelid before putting on eyeshadow and then peeling it off when finished to leave empty space.
Eyeliner To Emphasise
Eyeliner is probably the easiest makeup to use to create strong defined lines. This makes eyeliner the quickest way for beginners trying to start getting into the negative space trend because it can be done with or without foundation or color.
Will Negative Lipstick Be Next
The Lips are on the level of Eyebrows with how noticeable they are and how much they define any makeup look. Normally the idea is the redder the better with lipstick to enhance the natural look of the lips, but the negative space turns that totally opposite.
A Creative Outlet
Makeup truly is a modern art form. Different makeup artists have different distinct styles that they like to create and are able to totally change the look of someone's face. The plethora of different trends on the rise along with almost unlimited types of makeup allow for professionals and amateurs alike to experiment to their hearts content.
Not Just Found In Makeup
This negative trend can be brought into a look outside of makeup as well. One long time popular way to do this is in nail art. Exact edges can be made using tape to separate parts of the nails as they are painted. This can be a more low key way to bring the negative space look into your style.
Different Makeup Artists Have Different Approaches
Like with any type of makeup look different people have different ways of testing out this negative space look. Personally, we are excited to see how this trend continues to grow as it spreads across the internet further and more people try it out!
Will You See This In Real Life?
Although the trend has made a splash on the internet, it is rarely seen in real life. Negative space is a trend that probably will mostly live in virtual reality more than in person because it takes so long to create and is very unusual looking.
Whether You Like It Or Not, It Is Interesting
The Negative Space trend is here, whether people are here for it or not. The look is one of the most interesting that people are currently experimenting with and at the very least everyone can value it for the artistry behind it and the time it takes.


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