15 Hilarious Cartoons of Pregnancy Struggles

#10 is so true!
Ray Porter October 2nd 2017 Humor
Pregnancy is an exciting time for both the mother and father to be but is also a trying time. There are a lot of things that change in a woman's body and life during pregnancy. There is a distinct increase in hormone activity producing effects such as food cravings, pressure on the bladder from the physical space taken up by the baby, not to mention life style changes that need to happen to make sure the baby remains healthy.
Giving up Drinking
Alcohol is essentially toxic to the human body. It has some pleasant side effects and the level of toxicity is relatively low, it is still a poison. For the baby's health, it is necessary to stop ingesting this poison as a developing body cannot deal with the toxicity of alcohol the same as an adult can.
Physical Limitations
The obvious physical body change brings with it its own set of challenges. You are now carrying around the extra weight of the baby, as well as necessary fluids. Additionally, an enlarged belly makes bending over near impossible.
Miracle Maker
Let us take a moment to marvel at the act of creating new life. It seems almost supernatural that women are able to grow smaller humans within them. Just thinking of all the miraculous aspects of what a woman's body has to do to grow new life astounds.
Stretch Marks
It is an unfortunate reality that housing a baby inside of your body takes a toll. The skin is stretched and loses some of its elasticity forms stretch marks. Stretch makes are commonly considered unsightly, but if you look at their story they are beautiful.
Name Choosing
Choosing a name can be stressful. It is, after all, a big commitment. It will be with your child for the rest of their life. Going through names can also, however, be fun as different names bring up different emotions and memories.
Get Out Already
As the due date comes near a mother can be stretched to her limits, no pun intended, and fixated on having her body back to herself. There tends to be the feeling that the nine months prior have been training for the big moment, and she is more than ready.
All that Attention
All the attention from friends, family, and even strangers can be sweet and exciting. But after months of being mobbed by people everywhere it can become a great annoyance. You start to want to be left with your own space and some peace and quiet.
Bladder Struggles
The babies positioning in the body and the ever-growing nature mean that there is constant pressure being placed the woman's bladder. This can result in leaks and a decreased bladder capacity making it feel like everywhere you go, there needs to be a toilet nearby.
Comfortable Positions
As your body constantly changes throughout the pregnancy so do the positions that feel comfortable to you. The number of pillows needed to prop you up in bed is unbelievable and just as the find a position the works your body changes and your left without satisfaction.
I Can't Touch My Toes
As bending over becomes more challenging so to do a range of everyday tasks that involve bending over. In the dressing department putting on pants, underwear, socks and shoes is exceedingly uncomfortable and near impossible. Anything small on the floor might as well not exist.
Ow! He/she's Kicking
The surprise of the first kicks and movements of your baby can be enchanting and exhilarating moments. There, however, gets to a point where a restless baby's constant movements can be uncomfortable and drive you up the wall. Not to mention the annoyance if you baby is particularly strong.
Stupid Flexible Show Offs
The fact is you lose flexibility during pregnancy. And all your non-pregnant friends and strangers will be able to out class you at yoga class. And it will take some time to get your flexibility back to where it was before the pregnancy.
"That's a Bit Bigger than Normal Right?"
All the Comments on your size. This bombardment of judgement can be incredibly hurtful. And it's not just the comments but all of a sudden people that barely know you and strangers feel they have the right to comment on your pregnant body.
It's Not All Bad
There are some benefits to your changing body and ballooning belly. The most obvious among them is the free table you acquire. This table is mobile and with you wherever you go, it's perfect for those late night ice-cream cravings in front of the T.V.
Feeling like a Cow
Sometimes it all just gets to you and you just feel like a cow. You just feel unhappy with your body, you can't comfortable, you hate the way you look, and all the weird foods you crave. It all just sometimes caves in. but remember that this child is going to be the light of your life.


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