Did Hitler Really Hire Women To Give Birth?

A program to create 'racially pure' babies.
Emily Malone October 2nd 2017 Weird
Due to his leading role in World Wars one and two Adolf Hitler is one of the most famous men of all time. His believe in the supremacy of the Aryan race and drive to expand the German influence across the world are unparalleled in history. Though almost all will remember the acts of war and violence he sanctioned in order to promote the success of the Aryan race, one lesser talked about facet of this goal was achieved through hiring Aryan women to birth more Aryan babies, as fast as possible.
When Hitler Was In Power
Hitler held office as the Führer of Germany for only 11 years, the highest position in Germany, from the 2nd of August 1934 until the 30th of April 1945. However his political career began before that in 1921 as the Führer of the National Socialist German Workers Party.
What He Did With His Influence
Beginning from 1924 when he released his first autobiography, Mein Kampf which in english means "My Struggle", Hitler made his viewpoint clear. The book attacked the Treaty of Versailles, promoted germany as a superior power, and proposed communism was a Jewish conspiracy.
Breeding Nazi Supporters
In continuation of his pro Aryan viewpoints expressed in Mein Kampf, Hitler decided that beyond just exterminating the people he did not see fitting into his new world he would also try and breed Aryan children. This breeding program was named Lebensborn.
Establishing Nordic Race
During the early 1900's there was a decline in births in Germany, particularly in the births of boys. Lebensborn was not only a good opportunity for the Aryan race to spread outwards but also to replenish the diminishing population with optimal members.
Extra-Marital Affairs Encouraged
The SS officers were the elite rank of the WW2 German Army, much like current day United States Navy Seals. Because they were considered the perfect male specimen they were encouraged to have as many children as possible, including if this was by having affairs. Affairs allowed the men to have more children than being faithful and were encouraged by superior officers.
Lebensborn Program Goal
The goal of the Lebensborn Program was to breed the perfect Aryan children. These kids were birthed to mothers that had undergone testing to make sure they were racially pure. The destiny of these children was to be the next wave of the Third Reich.
Baby Boom
The Lebensborn program had either facilities or field offices in Germany, Austria, Poland, Norway, and many more Northern European countries. In Norway and Germany alone over 20,000 children were born into the Lebensborn program alone, in addition to the regular birth rate holding strong leading to a population boom.
Where The Children Were Raised
The children were raised in confiscated homes and nursing homes that used to belong to Jews pushed out of their land. These facilities were home to children born into the Lebensborn program and they went to school in them as long as they were operational.
Lady Hitler Group
The women who wished to be birth mothers in the Lebensborn program first had to prove their Aryan lineage. Once this was done the women then underwent a series of physical tests to ensure that they would be able to birth healthy babies. If both of these segments went smoothly the women became a part of the Lebensborn program.
Pride In Being A Baby Mamma
During Hitler's rule nationalism was at an all time high and many women viewed being a part of the Lebensborn program with pride. Spreading the Aryan race across the world was considered a noble cause, and the Lebensborn program was the easiest way for many to contribute to that.
Hildegard Trutz
Of all of the women in the Lebensborn program one stood out, Hildegard Trutz. Trutz was a longtime Hitler supporter and had joined the Bund Deutscher Mäde or BDMl, which was the female equivalent of the Hitler Youth, in 1933.
Big Change in 1936
Upon graduating from school at 18 in 1936 Trutz was unsure what to do with her life, at which point a BDM leader suggested she join the Lebensborn program, and she did. Once she began the program she became the figurehead for her local organization due to her perfectly germanic features of blonde hair , blue eyes, long legs and broad hips and pelvis perfect for childbirth.
Renouncing Their Children
When entered into the program the women of Lebensborn moved to homes to begin their new lives. These homes were reportedly amazing and filled with every amenity the women could need or want. Once they arrived there the women went under a final round of testing and then at this point signed contracts saying they give up any rights to their babies.
What Happened To The Hitler Babies
Through the very end of the war the women and children of Lebensborn received the best food and treatment possible. However as soon as it ended the people of the surrounding communities took out their post war anger on these women and children, often beating, shaming, and ostracising them.
Leaving The Third Reich Behind
Past all of the horrors of WW2 these children continued their lives, many joined support groups together to deal with the difficult events surrounding their births. The world too has moved on but not forgotten what happened during WW2 and hopefully this is a lesson that will stich with humanity for a long time.


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