Girlfriend Tried to Prank Her Boyfriend on April Fools Day, But It Didn't End Well

Oh Well, That Taught All Of Us A Lesson Then....
Ian Anglin October 2nd 2017 Humor
Pranks sure are fun and interesting, especially the ones that happen on April Fools' Day. However, just as anything in life can take a turn for the worse (have you watched the reality show "Sex send me to the ER?" - the stuff you will see there is simply unbelievable), so can pranks. This girl, she lied to her boyfriend about her fidelity and got the guy jealous. Like, really jealous. Scroll down to find out what happened!
It All Started Innocently
Out of nowhere, she sends him a text saying she would be better of single. Our man sends his slightly grammar challenged reply, saying "Don't di this to me liv." However, her heart is simply closed to him and his affections. I wonder what happens next.
Think Twice Before Pranking
Let this be a warning for all who cherish true love. Do not let the moment (and sometimes alcohol ;) get between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend. Keep certain boundaries - for example, do not lie about cheating and then try to have a laugh with your bae.
He Got His Heart Broken
She not only lied to him about wanting to split, she actually invented an even worse scenario - that she has slept with another guy. This obviously got him raging - she did not even deny whether he was good enough.
He Wants Revenge
Continuing the dialogue, he announces that he too has slept with another girl. If you notice the blanked-out part in the text, we can safely deduce that this girl was someone they knew. I wonder whether that is going to be revealed soon.
The Tables Have Turned
Now she is the one getting played, and annoyed at the potential cheating of her boyfriend. At this point we still do not know whether her boyfriend really cheated or simply made that situation up to get revenge on his now ex-lover.
She Admits the Ruse
Fearing the worse, she reveals that she did not cheat - in fact, she does not even want to break up. Looks like things are going to improve between them, as he replies in his own charming & spelling challenged way, "You're gunna get a slap," and to intensify the moment "Like a hard slap." Not a light slap indeed!
Some Pranks Can be Funnier & Not Cause Heartbreak
To reiterate my previous point, we can both be fun & unpredictable with our partners, yet not risk their love and affection by erring more on the fun side than the risky side. Here is a perfect example of such a joke.
People Can Believe In Impossible Situations
People are very easily startled; you must have noticed this by now. This girl sends an SMS to her dad, declaring, "I got my boyfriend pregnant!" It took the dad three replies to get his head around the obscurity of that fact.
The Cup IS (Half)-Empty For some People
Do not get on the bad side when people are hungry. This aunt really did a number on her nephew by "cooking" a delicious set of brownies, which I can only imagine them waiting for hours to be ready after work.
What to Do If This Happens to You
Let's say one of the previous messages was written by you. I mean, they are just anonymous pics found on the internet, so there's always a 0.0001% chance they're going to be read by the original author. What then? Scroll down to find out!
Learning a Lesson
What differences successful couples is that they LEARN from their mistakes. Give your partner a few days of space, and then try to re-initiate contact. This is known as the "cool down" phase, since the worst thing you can do if your girlfriend is angry is to not give her space.
Not Giving Space
When someone is angry, especially when it is the opposite sex, if you try to get into their space, this is just going to remind them how much they hate you. Sure, these are just emotions, and they will pass, but why dig yourself deeper?
This Girl Tried to Prank Her Boyfriend TWICE
Some people just do not learn from their mistakes. This girl did a SECOND prank on her bae. I mean, talk about some people simply not "getting it." This whole situation is like pouring gasoline on a fire. For those who don't know, this is the exact opposite of what you want to do when you have a fire (just being sarcastic here, obviously you know what to do, right? :)
Mysterious Messages Landing in the Night
This one is actually worse than most nightmares! Imagine waking up to a message saying, "I just MADE OUT with your boyfriend!" I mean, how did she even have her phone number? Is her boyfriend some kind of psycho that gives out his girlfriend's phone number to random girls in the club?
Always Give Second Chances
To finish off this list, remember to have an open heart and always give second chances. Most people in your life are good-natured folk, and even when they mess-up, it's not because they had bad intentions. Learn to forgive.


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