How 'Precious' Star Gabourey Sidibe Looks Like After Weight Loss Surgery

Got to give it to her, she looks amazing now.
Cole Damon October 2nd 2017 Entertainment
Gabourey Sidibe became instantly famous due to her great acting in the Precious movie, which went on to win many awards. However she was also the target of a lot of vile comments due to her weight. She was obese and had always been obese - this was a key part of her being in the Precious movie as well. She has recently gotten weight loss surgery and now looks much better. However, she didn't get weight loss surgery just to look pretty. The real reasons will surprise you.
She became famous after Precious
The precious movie became an instant hit for its visceral portrayal of horrific abuse. The movie championed the power of victims and how they are strong for being survivors.
An instant star was born
While other actresses often become famous for how beautiful and elegant they look, Gabourey Sidibe became famous for the opposite. She did not appear glamorous or pretty at all. This worked great for the movie as well, since it was about inner struggles and beauty. She was the perfect actress and her acting was top notch as well.
She was made fun of a lot
She also became an instant source of hilarity for many people. Even though her movie was all about realizing the inner struggles of a person and how we need to support victims more, people made fun of how she looked. She was called fat and comedians all around made jokes about her. She also got a lot of vile comments and mean memes made about her which were widely shared on social media websites.
Other artists made fun of her as well
Online trolls weren't the only ones making fun of her. She was made fun of by many professional comedians and other stars. Kanye West even references her being ugly in his song Mercy, where he raps "Plus, yo, my b**** make your b**** look like Precious"
She was relentless
The most amazing part of it all is that she didn't let any of this get to her. She kept on going to events and posing for pictures. She didn't let any of her haters decide how she got to live. Slowly she started garnering praise for her grace. While others were making fun of her being ugly they were just showing their own ugliness, while Gabourey went on slaying in beautiful dresses.
An icon that would not be stopped
Thanks to her being shameless about her own beauty and being brave in front of vile comments by onlookers she turned into an icon. People loved that she was living her life her own way and they supported her a lot. She was hired by multiple agencies to model and was hired for many other media projects as well.
She then got weight loss surgery
When news emerged that she had gotten weight loss surgery a lot of people were disappointed in her. People didn't like that she used to advocate for plus sized women and now had gotten weight loss surgery. People didn't like that she used to say that all women were beautiful regardless of size but now was trying to appear thinner. However, all these people had to shut up when she revealed why she got the surgery.
She had type-2 diabetes
She got the surgery because doctors had diagnosed her with type 2 diabetes. She told the media that the type 2 diabetes diagnosis was the reason she got the surgery, as it would have resulted in medical complications otherwise. Type 2 diabetes can be life threatening in a person who is obese. She talked about how she needed the surgery to make sure that she could live a healthy and long life.
It wasn't about the looks
She was very clear that her surgery wasn't done so that she would look prettier. She said that she still supports all plus sized women and their right to feel beautiful. She explained that she couldn't do many things anymore without getting too tired. She couldn't even use stairs without being out of breath thanks to her type 2 diabetes combined with her weight. She said that she got the surgery so she could live better, not so she could look prettier.
She is still slaying
She was open about why she needed the surgery and she is still the glamorous icon that she is so well known for being. She is still visiting events and having her picture taken. She still advocates for all the things she advocated for before. Her career has been successful and she has continued to sing up for new television series and shows.
She is an inspiration
One big reason that she became such an inspiration is that she was open about her insecurities. She talked a lot about how she was often ashamed of how she looked. However, instead of avoiding the cameras she put herself in front of it. She became as prominent as she could because she didn't want anyone else to be ashamed. She wanted to show other plus sized people that you can live the life you want.
She even did a sex scene!
She again made the news when she did a sex scene for Empire, the television show. The fact that a plus sized woman was open to doing a sex scene was so amazing that multiple news stories were written about it. The scene became instantly famous. Many people made fun of her sex scene, but even more people supported her and her right to feel beautiful.
She was criticized for the surgery
People didn't just criticize her for losing weight, a lot of people also criticized her choice of getting surgery. People thought that she was cheating by getting surgery and she should have instead lost weight through exercise. People claimed what she had done sent out the wrong message.
She had an answer for that too
She then revealed that she had to get the weight loss surgery because losing it naturally wasn't an option. The type 2 diabetes diagnosis meant that she couldn't exert too much pressure on her body. It would have taken her years to lose the weight naturally. In these years she would get even more ill which would make it even harder to lose the weight.
Gabourey Sidibe has achieved infamy
While you can say a lot of things about her, no one can deny that she is very successful. She has slowly become a household name and continues to be a successful actress.


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