10 Ridiculous Things People Have Brought to The Auto Shop

What were they even thinking?!
Gigi Cummings October 2nd 2017 Humor
We have all gone into a store and came out with a purchase that was more than questionable. In the moment we think its a great idea, of course we need it, what would we do without it? But then we get home and the reality sets in, we just bought something totally useless and strange and we should probably take it back, but instead it just sits in the closet, taking up space and collecting dust. Here are some of the strangest things bought at an auto shop.
A Lock For Your Gear Shit
We need to take precautions when protecting our precious vehicle from thieves who look at our car as an opportunity to make some cash, so in theory a lock for your gear shift would be a good idea, investing in better locks for you car would be better.
A Bell For Under Your Car
Maybe a horn just isn't enough. Maybe you just love the sound of a cow bell so much that you want it with you wherever you go. Whatever the reason, it can't be a good one for purchasing a cow bell for under your car.
A No Tread Tire
What are you going to do with a no tread tire? Might as well buy ice skates for you car and slide around the streets like a sled. If you are going to invest in some tires make sure they have good tread.
The Wrong Way To Fix A Tire
You get a flat on the side of the road, you call roadside assistance and they take your car into the shop to be repaired. You come back in to the shop to pick up your car to see the tire has been repaired with zip ties, dollars well spent.
A Straw Is Better Than Nothing
When you are in a pinch, or just on a tight budget and you cant afford things like your auto body shop to use fancy things like rubber tubes to fix your engine, you let them improvise. Here a straw will do, costs saved and one less straw in the ocean!
A Flat Tire Exorcism
Sometimes car problems are so frustrating you have to just leave your car at the shop and leave the rest up to God. Well especially when it seems like the Devil himself has it out for you that your one tire will not keep its air no matter what.
You don't have glue, or epoxy or any other fancy car fixing type stuff. But you do have a sewing kit and some spare time. Patch up that bad boy yourself with a little DIY sewing session and some real arm strength.
A Whole Lot Of Oil
Oil changes are just like going to the dentist right? Totally optional and you just kind of ignore it and hope all is for the best. Well here is a car after almost 100k miles and no oil change, I think this engine needs a little TLC.
The Louder The Better
If you are going to have a car that you love, you want everyone to know it. And that vroom vroom isn't going to sound nice with a nice smooth exhaust. You want to have a loud one that screams, "this car is totally falling apart!"
Just A Little Expansion
If you don't have the right stuff to get the job done, sometimes you gotta improvise. The goal is to use something as equally useful as the thing you wanted to originally have, but maybe you should double check before making the swap.
Sun Roof, Rain Roof
What good is a sun roof if you can only use it when it is sunny? You should be able to enjoy all types of weather if you are going to upgrade for such a luxury. If only other weather wasn't so wet.
A Plug In A Pinch
When you have to fix a problem on the spot, you need to use all your resources at hand to get the job done. Here is a great example of use all your tools in your tool box to get the job done, too bad wheel rotation might be an issue.
Burrito To Go
Your hungry, you have a problem with your engine, you get out of your car to check your engine, but you are still hungry so you take your burrito with you, while checking your engine the burrito falls into the engine, auto shop retrieves burrito, you contemplate eating it because burritos are delicious.
Matte Black Is So In RIght Now
You want the hip matte black finish for your car, but you don't want to shell out the big bucks to make it happen, there must be a DIY way to get the effect you want. So you follow around and asphalt truck for a whole day collecting debris and there you go!
Fresh Herbs
It's always good to have some fresh herbs on hand. You never know when you will need to add them to a pasta dish you are having at lunch, or a burrito that you found in the engine. Something tells me this isn't basil though...


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