Shockin Pictures That Show The Sad Truth About Society's Double Standards

Indeed the perfect depictions I've seen today!
Ray Porter October 1st 2017 Humor
The rules society passes down onto us without our knowing, until we are old enough for them to be engrained in us, do have a function. They develop basic morals such as murder and stealing are bad and look out for your family and friends. However, they are a long way from perfect. It's said that variety is the spice of life and if societies rules are unquestionably enforced relentlessly we end up over-homogenised. It's worth questioning societies rules because there are some serious double standards out there.
Header 1: Equality, Not Revenge
Feminism is unquestionably a wonderful thing. We can not call our country the great land of freedom if we are treating some of our people differently to others. Equality is the starting point of freedom. However evening the score should not be the goal because it distracts from equality.
Attitudes to Dating Out of Your League
We've all seen that fat guy walking down the street with a girl that looks like she should be walking down a runway and had the thought of "Woah, that guy's done well". But if we see an overweight girl with a handsome guy it's "what is he thinking?!".
Guys can use Innocent Smiley Faces Too
If you're texting a girl and she's using smiley faces and other emoji's with you it's definitely a good thing. It shows friendship and comfort with you. Guys, however, just aren't supposed to use emojis, and definitely not smiley faces, with other guys. If he does he can expect his sexuality questioned.
You Don't Need Make-up, You're So Pretty Already
The world's expectancy that a girl needs to be wearing make-up whenever she's out is a huge double standard. The expectations for men are little to none, it's enough if he's got a shirt pants and shoes on. Not to mention the popularity of complimenting a girl by saying she doesn't need make-up only to harass make-up free girls.
The Loss of Innocent Lives is a Terrible Loss No Matter Where
During the Vietnam war, the first televised war, the world was for the first time introduced to the true loss of life resultant from wars. However since then conflicts and reporting on conflicts have been taken advantage on and it's no longer the true that's covered but rather an agenda presented.
The Police Can't be Above the Law
The police uphold and enforce the law of the people, or at least that was the idea. However, it seems to be that our protectors believe themselves to be above the law. We are to avoid distraction on the road while they travel around with extensive technological systems vying for their attention while they drive.
If it's Ok for Her, It Should be Ok for him too
Girls chasing a man is more and more becoming a symbol of liberation and feminism. It's a rebellion against an unequal set of social traditions but somewhere along the line we forgot to accept that guys 'chasing' or rather showing interest in a girl can be ok and not predatorial too.
I Thought We Already Learnt that Lesson
In the 1960s many American states still considered interatrial marriage illegal. It was eventually legalised and now days it would be considered to be stealing a couple's freedom to prevent an interracial couple for the right to marry. So why are we treating homosexuals as if it's still the 60s?
Why is This Stupidity Still Prevalent?
The double standard that a man is some kind of legend for sleeping around and a woman is shamed for having many partners is archaic and pure stupidity. The origins of this double standard came from the times before paternity test when the only way to be sure of the father is if the woman only had one partner. Come on already people, show that we have advanced past the dark ages.
Sports Fans and Geeks Aren't so Different After All
It's long been considered that geeks and gamers are inferior and running away from life because they are not actually doing anything when they are watching beloved movies, shows, or playing games. But how many sports fans actually play the sports they love instead of just watching the games?
Free The Nipple
This one seems kind of straight forward on the surface. Why is it acceptable and even needed to protect our young that pictures of topless women be censored from social media and other image services while a top less man is fine?
Childless Man vs Childless Woman
The pressure placed on a man and a woman aren't even. When a woman wants to start a family this pressure goes fairly unnoticed, but if she doesn't this double standard rears its ugly head. We need to accept that it is an individuals choice whether they want to start a family and to accept their choice irrelevant of gender.
Sexuality is a Personal Choice
We need to stop thinking we know others better than they themselves. A person knows their own sexuality, it's not for you to dictate that to them. Each and every person is free to discover and learn for themselves what they are.
Seeking Acceptance with Aggression is a Problem
Seeking equality and acceptance is not about replacing what's currently accepted with was currently alienated and proceeding to alienate what was normal before. It's about bringing the injustice of what has been alienated to the light without becoming what you have hated and been oppressed by.
Smoke Breaks... So We Are Rewarding Smokers?
It's fair enough that people are allowed to take smoke breaks but why is it that non-smokers don't have an equivalent. I thought we were supposed to be discouraging smoking. It is in a company's interest to encourage healthy employees yet smoke breaks just mean more breaks for smokers. Might as well start smoking, right?


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